Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 - What a Year

Buckle up friends, this might be a long one, because 2018 was quite a year for our family! So busy in fact, that I took a hiatus from blogging, but I couldn't resist popping in to share what an incredible year we've had! 
We kicked off the year with our annual New Year's Day brunch! 
A good chunk of January was consumed by coaching. I spent a lot of time with these gorgeous girls winning trophies. 
But I still found time to build a snowman! 
In February, we celebrated Valentine's Day!  
And spent February Break having lots of cousin play dates! 

We spent St. Patrick's Day in Eric's hometown with family & friends...
and even attended a St. Patrick's Day wedding with all of our favorite people! 
And Ella sold Girl Scout cookies for the first time ever! 
April means Spring Break in my book! We packed up & headed to Grammy's house in Virginia for lots of fun. She took us to an indoor waterpark! 
We celebrated Easter. 
And of course we ate donuts. 
The highlight of the trip for me - visiting and touring the U.S. Capital Building. The history in those halls just astounds me & I found the whole thing fascinating! I highly recommend it if you're in D.C. 
 It finally warmed up in May & we were able to spend lots of time outside! 
For Memorial Day, we road tripped to Uncle Mark & Aunt Katie's for lots of cousin fun! 
Ella kicked off June with her dance recital! 
We celebrated Flag Day at Ella's school. 
Then, she graduated from Kindergarten with the cutest little ceremony ever! 
And school finally let out, which meant lots of free time & the return of my summer job was Nanny Bri to Moo Moo. 
 In July, I loaded up the van & took all 3 of the girls to Virgina for a week! We hung out by the pool...
and took a trip to the National Zoo! 
When we got back, Olivia turned 3! 
And then things got crazy because Aunt Britt had Baby Grayson over 3 months early! It was scary. I cried a lot. Moo basically moved in. But... we got through it & he is worth every second of panic that he came with. 
We finished up the month celebrating Miss Ella turning 6! 
Eric & I took a trip to New York City - just the two of us - and had so much fun in the city together. 
Ella started cheerleading & kicked off her season with a pep rally! 
We took our annual family vacation... to Walt Disney World! 
And we finished off a crazy summer by taking the girls to their first Bills game. 
Ella went back to school.
Olivia went back to Miss Jennie's. 
I ended up coaching again... both for my school & for Ella's Flag Team. But had so much fun doing both. 
And both girls started dance for another year! 
October was a good month! Ella had lots of competitions. 

Grayson came home from the NICU! 
We won Sectionals! 
The Eason's had their annual Halloween Party, where we wore our first ever family costume! 
And on Halloween night, we trick or treated with some of our favorite friends! 
November seemed really quiet without cheerleading practice every night, so we spent a lot of time relaxing at home & decompressing after two months of crazy schedules. 

For Thanksgiving, we did something different & headed off to Virginia with Aunt Britt, Grammy, Gramps & all the kids! 
Then the day after Thanksgiving, we skipped shopping to kick off the holiday season at Christmas Town in Busch Gardens! 

We did all the holiday things in December! We went ice skating at the ROC Holiday Village. 
We went to Holidays at the Market! 
We spent time with all three sides of our family... which meant a whole lot of cousin time! 
I hope 2018 was as good to you as it was to us. We're so grateful for the blessings in our life! 

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