Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The First Weekend in May

Happy Monday Friends! Normally, this is how I'd feel on a Monday... 

But today, I'm off work to go to an appointment & I have the pleasure of visiting Ella's Kindergarten class to celebrate her summer birthday this afternoon! Ella has been looking forward to it for a week now & I can't wait to celebrate with her. 

This weekend was gloriously low key! On Friday night, we went to the Y to work out & then came home to grill up some dinner. The kids played outside while Eric grilled and I unpacked from the week. I just love nights like that & went to bed feeling caught up for a change!

Saturday morning, Eric had an early tee time with one of our friends, so it was just the girls and me. I had a few classes to teach for VIPKID, but once those were finished we got ourselves up and ready for a girls day! 

Our first stop was an early lunch at Chick-fil-A. Now... early lunch was the best option because our Chick-fil-A is still brand new & gets insanely busy. It has been open a month, but because it's so busy during dinner and on weekends, this is the first time that I've been able to take the girls. We ended up scoring the perfect table - looking directly into the play area - and hung out for awhile until it got so busy that we had to escape!  

After lunch, we headed to Target to pick up a gift for a bridal shower & a few other "necessities" including this scoop & throw set that kept us busy all afternoon!

Once Eric got home from golf, we headed to Lowe's to buy a new storm door for the back of our house. Ours got destroyed in a blizzard this winter, and I need to have a screen door from my kitchen to the backyard! Thankfully Eric & my brother-in-law got it put right up Saturday afternoon and I'm back in business for the summer.

Since Matt was over to hang the door, Britt & Moo came too and we all had fajitas for Cinco de Mayo. None of us are used to the sun yet though, so we were all a little exhausted at dinner. I always forgot how much those first few days of sunshine & fresh air take out of you!

On Sunday, the girls & I got up and ready to go to Hornell for the day. I had a bridal shower to attend & the girls were hanging out with Grammy Nancy for a bit! Eric stayed back at home to do some lawn work and "winterize the snow blower" - which is apparently a thing. 

The shower was delightful & you all know how I feel about brunch...

That is literally the only photo I took because I was too busy chatting with friends and left my phone in my purse the entire time :) 

After the shower, Ella & Liv had their hair trimmed by Aunt Hannah! It is SO convenient having a cosmetologist in the family! It was gorgeous outside, so she just put them right on the back porch and I got to sit in the sun while she did it. 

Once that was done, we headed back to Rochester where Eric had dinner waiting for us! The girls played outside while I did some laundry and pulled things together for the week. I just love weekends at home, which is totally the opposite of who I was 5 years ago. I think having a family really changed that for me, I don't need to be on the go to be happy anymore. 

Have a Great Week Everyone! 

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