Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's Friday! And state testing is officially over for another year! #alltheteacherssaidamen 

Today I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share some of my favorite things! 

First on my list of favorites is the weather we've been having! It finally broke 70 degrees & we've seen some sunshine! I was able to wear shorts two days this week & we played outside A LOT. When you live in New York, you learn to appreciate good weather when you have it! 

We did a lot of Jeep riding, trampoline jumping, and bike riding! 

Speaking of shorts... these are my current favorites! They are from Lululemon & - wait for it - they're reversible! The side you see in this pic is the black & white floral pattern, but the inside is solid black! I've worn them both ways & love them. They have a nice wide waistband, so they're super comfy :) 

Another new favorite is Trunk Club. I had never heard of this service until I saw an Instastory on it from Megan at Honey We're Home. She was trying on the cutest pieces & I knew I had to try it. Well, when I did some research, I found out they're a Nordstrom owned service & that if you have a Nordstrom card, you can request a trunk for $0! You still have to buy the items that your stylist selects if you want to keep them, but there isn't a styling fee. Also, you still earn rewards on all of your purchases! 

I loved my trunk, but these are the two items I'm keeping. First, these Madewell shorts, which I did exchange for black, but LOVE the fit of. 

And second, these cotton candy pink J.Crew joggers. They're so lightweight that I know I'll be wearing them all summer long! 

Another favorite of the past week was a visit from my parents! It was raining cats & dogs the whole time they were here though, so we headed to the mall for a girls' day while the men golfed in the rain. #morons 

Olivia still falls asleep while we shop & it's probably my favorite thing ever. She is just so adorable passed out in her stroller. 

And I should also mention that Anna is most definitely Olivia's favorite right now. Wherever Livy goes, Anna goes... and if Anna isn't going, we're all in trouble. 

Grammy bought Ella a new purse while we were shopping & it's probably the cutest ever. It's a donut crossbody! Perfect for my donut loving girl!

And my last favorite for the week is my Vineyard Vines hat! Now, I'm going to tell you that my husband is not a fan of hats. So... I rarely wear them when we're out together. However, you can find me in one all the time when I'm out playing with the kids or working outside. This one is one of my favorites, especially because of the little American flag whale. I'll be wearing it for Memorial Day & 4th of July for sure! 

It's supposed to stay beautiful on Saturday, so I'm hoping we can play outside all day & I can work on my tan. I'm seriously so pale right now it's sad. Then on Sunday we're headed to Hornell for a Bridal Shower & some time at Grandma Nancy's house. I hope you all have a great one too! 

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