Friday, April 27, 2018

A Day in My Life - April 2018

Some of my favorite posts to read are "A Day in My Life" posts. It intrigues me to see how my favorite bloggers live day to day, and even though I don't think my life is particularly exciting most days, I am rather fond of it, so I thought I'd share!

My alarm goes off at 5:45 every morning. I use the "Bedtime" option on my phone as my alarm & even though I usually snooze once, I am always up & moving by 6. 

We have a pretty solid morning routine. The girls are generally getting up at the same time I am, so we all get ready together. Because I work out at school in the morning, I really just have to focus on putting on my gym shoes, brushing my teeth, and other general hygiene. I get Ella totally ready for school before I leave, even though her bus doesn't come until 8:30. It just makes things easier for Eric & I feel better knowing that she is wearing matching clothes. 

Once we're ready, I head downstairs to let the dog out, put the TV on for Ella & get her a snack, and then I start loading the car. Livy rides with me to school every morning, so I have all of my stuff, plus her stuff and her. It's a lot to load up :) 

We hit the road by 6:45 every day. On this day, we left at 6:37 which seems like a random time, but for some reason we leave at this time A LOT. It's about a 20 minute drive to Miss Jennie's & I drive thru Dunkin' Donuts on my way to pick up two large unsweetened iced teas. I know that seems like overkill, but I don't leave my building all day long. There is rarely a chance to scoot out to grab lunch or another drink, so I have a morning tea & an afternoon tea that I grab on my way in. 

I drop Livy off at 7 AM & she pretty much sprints away from me. She LOVES daycare, so drop off is always fairly painless. I am good friends with my babysitter, so sometimes I end up chatting for awhile, but today I was out the door & onto the gym. 

At 7:15, I enter the weight room at school & get to work. I love having this space all to myself in the morning. It isn't glamorous, but I have everything I could possibly need without anyone else to bother me. On this day, I got 40 minutes in of cardio & free weights. 

By 8:00, I am in the locker room to get ready for the day. Here I am on my way in...

And here I am on my way out! 

My daily routine for school is very basic, so getting ready in the locker room isn't a big deal for me. A little dry shampoo, deodorant, lip gloss & I am good to go! 

Teachers are contractually obligated to be in the building by 8:15, so I always make sure I'm at my desk getting work done by then! Here's the view from my desk. It is seriously such a happy space :) 

I pound out 30 minutes of work & at 8:45, the kids arrive for the day. From there on out, it's all a blur of lunch counts, math lessons, math groups, writing conferences, and vocab. At 11, my class heads to specials & I have an hour to get as much work done as possible! The rest of my afternoon is a blur! Reading groups, math groups, content & recess! Oh... I eat lunch in there too.

After school, I come back to my room briefly to get packed up for the evening. These are all of my bags that come back & forth with me each day. #teacherlife

Next stop was to pick up Livy... and then we booked it to Ella's school to pick her for dance! It was costume day at dance & they were SO excited to try them on! Look at those smiles :) 

On dance nights, Eric makes dinner at home while I run errands with Liv. We all meet back up to eat at 6 and after that... it's bath & PJ time!

Once they were all settled, the girls watched a show in our bed while I started a load of laundry. (FYI - Laundry is not a part of my normal weeknight routine, but the girls are headed to their grandma's house this weekend & I needed to do laundry to pack suitcases!)

When everyone was tucked into bed, I sat down & did some work. I have recently started teaching for VIPKID & had some lessons to teach. Once those were finished, I watched some HGTV & finished up this blog post before climbing into bed! #goodnight   

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