Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites - Snow Day Edition

It's Friday Friends! And what's even better than a Friday? A SNOW DAY ON A FRIDAY! 

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That's right, we got hit hard in the middle of the night with 6 inches of heavy, wet snow. I haven't personally been outside, but I opened the door to let the dog out & that was enough to ensure that I will not be leaving anytime soon! 

Ella was actually really upset when she woke up because today is Dr. Seuss' birthday, and in Kindergarten, that's a pretty big deal! She has been so excited to have green spaghetti for lunch & read a ton of his books. Her teacher & her even agreed to wear matching book shirts for the day. So... I'm going to make green spaghetti for lunch, she's upstairs watching Cat & the Hat now, and then we're going to have a huge Dr. Seuss Read-A-Thon this afternoon! 

Even though I'm sure the roads will be fine by the afternoon, I plan to do my favorite Snow Day workout. It just so happens to be my most popular post ever too... Snowed In HIIT Workout

This will get my heart racing & help me meet my March Daily Burpee goal. Ugh, just typing that reminded me that I have some serious goals for March to achieve! 

Well, I'm off to enjoy my Snow Day! I hope everyone in the Northeast is staying safe! My parents decided not to come up from Viriginia this weekend because of the storm, so we'll be staying put here, probably doing this... 

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