Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Fitness Update

Somehow it's already March! I've been so busy throughout that January & February, that 2018 is absolutely flying. We have some fun things going on in March, plus Spring Break is the light at the end of the tunnel! 

So last month, I updated you all on my progress in my post - Celebrating One Month Donut Free. Now, I'm going to be honest with you all & tell you that I did eat a donut on Valentine's Day. However, my fitness & healthy eating goals are still going strong! 

Here are the goals I set for myself in February & how I did...

  • Complete 25 workouts
    • Done! I completed ___ and I'm super proud of that because when I set this goal, I totally forgot that February only has 28 days in it! 
  • Stay within my macros 15 days of the month. (This is SO hard for me. I'm staying within my daily calories, but my macros are hard.) 
    • Ok, I failed. I'm still struggling with carbs. I think that I need to readjust my numbers... maybe even consult a professional. Or, maybe I just need to be more strict with myself. Either way... I didn't meet this goal. 
  • Keep my sugar intake down - aka still no donuts :) 
    • This I did do well with! Valentine's Day was a hard day & there were a few other sweet treats thrown in there, but I am doing so much better with my sugar intake! The next obstacle will be Easter candy - and Starburst Jellybeans & Peeps are two of my faves! 
  • Be able to do 10 real push ups. 
    • Done! I had Eric watch me do these to make sure I could really do it! I am working hard to build arm & shoulder strength. I can definitely see the definition in my shoulders, I just need to keep pushing to see it in my arms & my back. 

Additionally, I met my Apple Health challenge of doubling my move goal three days in February! 

Truthfully, I was nervous about how our Winter Break would affect my progress. I knew that I'd be eating out more often and wouldn't be at school to use the weight room every morning. I did better than expected though, making it to the gym 5 out of 9 days, plus walking outside 2 others. Then on the other two days, I hit my exercise goal with a HIIT workout off of Amazon Prime. 

I'm looking forward to March because there will be less temptations, less eating out, and overall less stress. I know that I can really focus in on my goals & push myself as we head towards Spring Break. Here are my goals for March: 
  • Workout 6 days a week. I'm not going to put restrictions on how hard/fast/long I go or exactly what I'm doing, but I want to focus on staying active every day. 
  • Hit protein goal every day. I am going to refocus my expectations when it comes to macros & really focus on getting 115 grams of protein daily. I think this will take some pressure off my carb loving self, but still help me to keep looking at my macros daily. 
  • Do 15 burpees daily. Ugh. I hate myself just writing this, but I know it will make me stronger. 
  • Add more free weights to my routine. I feel the effects of these workouts so much more than I do when I use the machines, so I think using them for the majority of my exercises will help me build more muscle definition. 
Any other ideas? I'm always looking for new ideas & goals. I don't want things to get stale & to plateau, so speak up! 

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