Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday - February 2018 Edition

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! I'm so glad I'm half way through the week already. Coming back to school after a week off is never fun, but the weather has been great & my kids were happy to see me :) Today I'm linking up to share what's up at our house!  


What We're Eating This Week...

We have officially pulled out the grill again! We know we'll likely get at least one more snow, but we were getting so sick of our winter rotation of dinners. Eric grilled steaks on Sunday & chicken on Monday. This fits in perfectly with my own healthy eating goals! I also picked up these yummy grilled chicken skewers from Costco & paired them with Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese for lunch the other day. It was so delish! 

What' I'm Reminiscing About...

If you read yesterday's post, then you know that I have officially retired from cheerleading. This has had me thinking about all the good times I've had in the program, including watching my own girls grow up on the mats & alongside the girls. 

What We've Been Up To...

We had all of last week off & I didn't blog about any of it! #whoops So here's a taste of our February Break... 

The girls went to their Grandma Nancy's for the first weekend of break & I went to dinner with these gorgeous ladies! Love my besties! 

My girls were still away on Monday, so Moo & I went with our friends to the Niagra Outlets to do some shopping! She was so good for her Aunt Bri! 

But she was really happy when these two got home & she had someone to play with! 

The weather on Tuesday was unseasonably warm, so we spent our afternoon playing outside & soaking in all the fresh air. 

And when Eric got home, we went out again! 

On Wednesday, my other mother-in-law brought my niece up to play with Ella! We went to the Ontario Play Cafe, which they loved. They ran around for hours & had a blast together. 

And another of them because they're just too cute! 

We had practice every morning of break, so on Thursday we came over to my building & I got some work done! The girls love to use all of my classroom supplies & had a blast! 

What I'm Dreading...

Kind of dreading our Cheer Banquet on Sunday. I have to speak at it & there is probably going to be a lot of crying. I just hate saying goodbye. On the bright side, there will be cake. 

What I'm Working On...

I am so proud to say that I have stuck to my guns & am still working out daily! I can see and feel so many positive changes in my body. I plan to keep it up & maybe even take it up a notch! 

Plus... now that I'm retired from cheer, I'm ready to put more time into this space! I have already started re-branding some things (Did you notice the new URL?) and more changes are coming!

What I'm Reading...

Roommates: Puck Buddies Series by [Brown, Tara]

I have been reading a lot of chick lit lately & I'm not even embarrassed about it. I just finished the book Roommates, which is part of a larger series. It is a quick read & totally light hearted. I am reading the sequel right now too. 

What I'm Listening To...

The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ella & I are all about The Greatest Showman soundtrack! I had heard such amazing things from so many other people that I knew I had to take her to see the movie. We both loved it & now we sing along to it all the time! We've already pre-ordered the movie on Amazon too because we can't wait to watch it on repeat. 

What I'm Wearing...

Well, all I wore over February Break was my Patagonia Better Sweater. Seriously, I rarely took it off & was legit sad when I couldn't wear it to work on Monday.

Other than that, I'm still in lots of layers. I was able to bust out my sandals yesterday while I was at school, but still wore my Uggs in & out of the building. We still have at least another month until I can start wearing them outside. 
What I'm Doing This Weekend...

We're headed to the country house to celebrate Gigi's birthday this weekend! I can't wait to see my parents & have a laid back day with my whole family. We also have our end of season banquet for cheerleading on Sunday, so that will likely be a tear -fest. 

What I'm Looking Forward to in March... 

St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in Eric's hometown! I'm looking forward to the parade & all the festivities with our friends. And to make it even better, one of our good friends is getting married that night so we'll ALL be in town! This is all of us at another wedding...

Yes, there's a lot of us. We've been friends since high school & still party just as hard when we're together. I cannot wait. 

What's Your Family's Favorite Spring Break Destination? 

This is a tough question because as a kid, we went to Disney every other year for Spring Break. As you all know, Disney is still my favorite. 

As we got older though, I went to Myrtle Beach every Spring Break with that same large group of people pictured above. Some of my best memories as a teen & as an adult are on that strip of beach. 

But realistically, I don't go to either of those places for Spring Break anymore - I go to DC to visit my parents! Last year we did two days in DC, a trip to Carter Mountain for an Easter egg hunt, and three days in Williamsburg. We still haven't finalized our plans for this year, but my sister & I will be there for the week with all of the girls! 

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