Tuesday, February 27, 2018


This post has been a long time coming, but it's time to announce my retirement from the sport I love. After a decade of devotion to a sport that I am so incredibly passionate about, I have put in my letter of resignation & will no longer be coaching cheerleading.

When I first told Eric that this year would be my last - way back in October - he rolled his eyes at me & said, "Yeah, I've heard that before." Which he has. I was supposed to leave the sport when I got engaged & started my job at Spencerport. But, they needed a modified coach & as a new teacher, I would never had said no. That was the yes that made me a Ranger. Then two years later, I was supposed to take time off when I had Ella. But, we didn't find a replacement & I could never have left my kids in a lurch. Then three more years later, I was supposed to step back when I had Olivia. But, again, it never happened. This time though, it's real.

It has to be real because I can't let my own kids down anymore. With Ella in Kindergarten, we're now a part of the birthday party circuit. We are enrolling Olivia in ballet next year and Ella is thinking about trying cheerleading herself. That's not to mention every day tasks like homework, making dinner, and keeping the laundry in check. My girls deserve a mom - And right now, I'm a part time mom. I've been gone one day a weekend for the past two months. That's not fair to them, and it isn't fair to Eric either. So, I'm stepping down.

This is made so much easier by the fact that my mentor & dear friend Wolfy is going with me. I don't think I'd ever have been able to go through with my decision if we weren't doing it together. She is truly one of my favorite people in the world & I am going to miss working with her every day. That said, we're really looking forward to lounging by her pool & going to dinner and discussing "normal people things."

Things that I'll miss... my athletes, the strategy, the creativity, the rush of that 2 minutes & 30 seconds, the glory of winning. I will miss those things. And I know that come August, I'll be sad I'm not at tryouts. It will be strange to watch Sectionals from the stands and not be down front cheering everyone on.

But I won't miss scheduling my life around cheer. I'll enjoy traveling to my parents without worrying about practices. I'll enjoy taking my daughters to dance without answering 8 million text messages. I'll enjoy weekends with my family. And right now, I think that's the life I should be living.

If any of the Rangers are reading this, please know how much the past 8 years with you have meant to me. It is because I love you all so much that I've stuck with it as long as I have. I will always bleed blue & gold.

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