Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I am not a fan of resolutions. I am a goal setter by nature & prefer to make small, short term, attainable goals all year long. If you're making one, I totally support you, but it's just not for me. A few years ago though, I started coming up with a mantra that I wanted to embody my mindset for the year. In 2014, it was GRATITUDE. Last year, it was JOY. This year, I've chosen...

Persist - Coral Art Print by HeartlandLettering | Society6

Persistence is something that I challenge my students with every day, but lately seem lacking in myself. If things aren't coming easily, I tend to get discouraged, and that's not the person I used to be. I used to run half marathons! That's the person I want to get back to. In 2018, I want to push through challenges, stick to my plans and achieve my goals. I want to be a role model for my daughters, showing them that with hard work, they can achieve anything. I look at women like Skinny Meg, who has worked so hard for so long to achieve her goals and sets an amazing example for her family. I want to be like her - strong, determined, and persistent in achieving my goals. 

Here's to a year of pushing through & achieving more than ever! 

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