Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you're all having a great day! It is super gloomy & dreary here today, but it is so much warmer that I can't complain! I'm ready for the snow to melt & for it to warm up, but since it's not even February yet, I probably have a ways to go! 

Today's post will be pretty quick because my weekend was pretty low-key... I started my day Saturday with a workout! 

I was so insanely stressed leading up to our competition that day that I needed to get some of my nervous energy out! We have a really awesome weight room at the high school, which is where the bus was picking us up, so I went there for my workout. 

I did a lot of strength training with some incline walking. I didn't want to be covered in sweat, since I didn't have time to shower, but I know what I did was effective because my muscles were screaming at me yesterday! 

Once I finished, I got myself ready in the locker room (super glamorous) and met up with the girls for the bus. We had a long day, but two of our teams won first place & the other won second! The team that won second had had a very long week of injuries leading up to the tournament, so I was very proud of them for even getting out there! 

When I got home from competition, I found the girls having a popcorn party & watching Beauty and the Beast! I immediately changed my clothes and joined in. And once they went to bed, Eric & I continued our Harry Potter marathon. We're currently on Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. Eric has never read the books, and I've never watched the movies, so we're enjoying watching them together when there is absolutely nothing else on TV - which seems like always lately. 

Sunday we got right up & headed to Lowe's. We need to replace our dryer, so we were there shopping for that. #excitingstuff 

Eric is also building a new platform for it to sit on, so we ended up in the lumber section, where the girls entertained themselves with any & every thing. 

After Lowes, we did our grocery shopping for the week & headed back home for a day of relaxing! I made lunch for the girls & then helped Ella do some of her homework. (Seriously, Kindergarten homework is intense these days!) 

And after that, the girls napped! Like really, seriously great naps. It was awesome. Since yesterday was my rest day, I used that time as an opportunity to take a long hot bath & stretch! 

For dinner, we had pizza from our favorite place - Joe's Brooklyn - and watched some football. I think I fell asleep around 8:30 & it was amazing. I need more weekends like this one in my life! 

Have a great week everyone!

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