Thursday, January 25, 2018

Three Things Each

- Ella -
1 - Ella is reading like a boss! She brings home little books each week & I love listening to her! It's so amazing to see her progress each week & I can't wait to see where she is by the summer! 

2 - We just registered her for soccer this spring & she is going to dance class every week too. I love how outgoing Kindergarten has made her!

3 - She's upgraded to a twin size bed from her toddler bed & it has made such a huge difference! I had no idea how much bigger a twin sized bed was than the one she was in, but I'd say it's probably twice the area. She is loving it - especially because I can crawl in & snuggle her now :) She makes it every morning (for now) and is so proud of her "big girl room." 

- Olivia - 

1 - Livy is such an entertainer! She spends so much of her time dancing, singing & playing her little guitar. I could watch her all day, especially when she does her cheer routines. 

2 - Her speech is really coming on & it's becoming easier to understand what she says. She definitely is behind where Ella was at this point (I know - I'm not supposed to compare my kids, but I do), but my speech pathologist friends assure me that that is totally normal for second children. I see tons of progress & that's all that matters! 

3 - She gave up her bop (aka - pacifier) right after Christmas & I was so nervous that it'd be a train wreck. She is rocking it though! She tells both me & her babysitter - "No boppy, Livy big girl!" 

- Eric & Bri - 

1 - Eric is not a big reader, but he's a big movie watcher. I'm the exact opposite. We have blended our worlds together & have just finished watching the entire Harry Potter series on HBO. I feel like I'm his Harry Potter tutor :) 

2 - We've had a ton of snow so far this year & that means Eric gets to fire up his favorite toy, the snowblower. He really goes to town out there & gets our neighbors out too. I love that he always comes in freezing, but smiling. And I'm super grateful that I'm not out there doing it myself!

3 - We've been working on a bunch of small home improvements over the past two months. We bought Ella a new bed. We got new curtains & bedding for our bedroom. We got a new dining room table (for free!). And now... we did something really exciting & bought a dryer! It always makes us feel grown up when we do stuff like that! Anyone else? 

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