Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday - Staying Sane During the Holidays

Today's Workin' It Wednesday really struck a chord because #TeacherTired in December is a real thing. Our calendar is even more loaded than normal at home, and the same is true at school. The expectations are set high (mostly by myself) and there never seems to be enough time. This is how I make it through though...

1 - Make Lists

I have lists for everything this time of year! If I don't write it down, it slips my mind & then I forget and start beating myself up over it. Eric & I use the notes app in our phones and it makes things so much easier! I also have a free Christmas app that has let me track all of my purchases, what is wrapped, and what I've spent. Which leads me to...

2 - Stick to Your Budget, But Don't Obsess Over It

The holidays are so expensive and for years, this has stressed me out. Having the app to track our gift spending has helped tremendously, but starting early (like October) helped ease a bunch of my stress too. I've had to come to peace with the fact that last minute gifts are going to come up, that we'll have to take appetizers to parties, and that I'll end up shelling out money for my students to make gifts for their parents. This year, I did my best to plan ahead for these expenses & added a little cushion to it too.

3 - Listen to Christmas Music

Seriously, I love Christmas music & think it's so relaxing! There are tons of playlists on YouTube that you can play all day long while you work and my class loves them! In the car, I listen to the Michael Buble Christmas Station on Pandora or Holly on Sirius XM.

4 - Make Time Watch Holiday Movies with Your Kids

Making time to relax & watch a movie with my kids keeps me sane at the end of a long day. Snuggling with them & putting my phone away is always the perfect way to spend my evening.

5 - Accept That You Can't Be At Everything

Ugh, this one is so hard for me! With Ella in Kindergarten now, I miss a lot of events that take place during the school day. For instance, her Holiday Sing-Along is Friday morning while I am on a field trip with my class. I had to accept that I will miss some things, but I also make it to a lot of things. Eric is always reminding me that it's ok for her to not have a parent at EVERYTHING. He's also really good at reminding me that I don't need to go to everything I'm invited to. #priorities

6 - Don't Count Calories

Now listen, I'm not saying eat everything in sight. But don't beat yourself up either. Eat healthy when you can, but don't deprive yourself of things you only get once a year!

7 - Keep Up Your Traditions

We have tons of family traditions that we've established, like our Elf named Sprinkles and building a gingerbread house. These are the real things I love way more than perfectly wrapped gifts, so I make them my priority during the holiday season!

So, as I was reading through this, I think the key word to keeping my sanity is PRIORITIZE! Remember what Christmas is all about & you'll be golden! 

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