Monday, December 4, 2017

Holidays at the Market

Sunday morning the whole family bundled up & met Aunt Britt, Uncle Matt, and Madigan at the Public Market for Holidays at the Market! If you're unfamiliar with The Public Market, it's basically a large outdoor farmer's market that is open year round in Rochester. We (and most people) typically go in the summer months when it's warm, but Holidays at the Market is a special occasion where they open on Sundays to bring in special vendors. The big draw - besides beautiful fresh wreaths & trees - is the free carriage rides with Santa. 

You have to get there early to get a good spot in line, so we arrived right at 9 as the market was opening. We still ended up being ticket #34, so we wandered around the market for a bit. 

Ella helped her Aunt Britt pick out a wreath for their front door! 

And Miss Madigan was all about the fresh air! 

We wandered through the Christmas trees & found some adorable hand painted ornaments to give as gifts. 

We found our favorite donut vendor - Duke's Donuts - which are fresh apple cider donuts! Livy didn't really like the sugar on her hands, but once we got her napkin situated she was a happy girl! 

Ella & I drew snowmen pictures together at the art station they had set up to keep kids busy while they waited. I gave mine to her, so she decided to give hers to me! 

They also had a cookie decorating station that was free for kids. Ella ate about half of hers, but definitely enjoyed decorating it! She definitely ate way too much sugar that morning, but we let it go since it was the holidays :) 

After cookie decorating, it was time to head outside & wait for our carriage. Olivia loved the horse & got so excited each time it arrived. At this point, she was so excited to see Santa & kept telling me that she was going to sit on his lap. 

Once we actually got in the carriage, neither of my girls would sit next to Santa. Thankfully Maddie is brave, so she & Aunt Britt sat with him. 

We sat across the aisle from him & chatted the whole ride. Ella couldn't decide what she wanted to ask for, so they decided that she could mail him a list later. Livy would smile at him & touch his bells, but was NOT going to sit on his lap. 

Finally at the end of the ride, we were able to scooch over & get a good picture with him! I defiintely reccomend this ride to meet Santa. We've done it twice now & he is a GREAT Santa. He's very friendly & authentic looking and the carriage ride itself if just so magical to kids! 

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