Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Gift that Gives Back with Cool Effect

If you're anything like me, you have a few people on your gift list that are impossible to buy for. I've spent hours racking my brain for those hard to buy for friends & family members. It's frustrating for me & probably disappointing for them when they open their gift & find that it's a gift card to a department store because I either flat out gave up or I ran out of time. 

That won't be the case this year though, because this year I'm giving a gift that gives back with Cool EffectCool Effect is a non-profit crowdfunding site that lets people like you & me support carbon emissions reductions through a variety of projects around the world. All of these projects fight climate change & support the goal of cleaner air.  90% of each contribution to Cool Effect goes directly towards the projects. For the holidays, Cool Effect has put together a variety of gift bundles for you & your loved ones to choose from! 

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Meet my Brother-in-Law... aka Mr. Impossible to Buy For
When I started doing some research on Cool Effect, I discovered that it would make the PERFECT gift for my brother - in - law, Derek. He is incredibly passionate about protecting the environment & I know that he'll appreciate a gift that supports a worthy cause. 

As I went through the various options, I chose the Snowman Gift Pack. The Snowman Gift Pack helps prevent climate change by reducing carbon emissions around the world. This pack supports every single one of the projects that Cool Effect has & I loved that I was making a difference in so many places by purchasing just one gift! 

A few of the projects that the Snowman Gift Pack supports are...

Cookstoves for Kids - a project that provides schools and orphanages in Malawi with clean cookstoves, which leads to healthier students. 

Renewable Energy Wind Turbines in Los Santos, Costa Rise - building wind turbines to supply clean energy to families living there. 

Protection of the Alto Mayo Forest  in Peru- which saves 450,000 acres of rainforest from destruction... as well as saving coffee beans - and we all love coffee. 

Community Biogas Program in India - which as gross as it sounds, takes cow manure & turns it into clean energy! 

I truly encourage you to read more & support these programs because not only is it important work, the science behind all of it is fascinating! It amazes me the doors that technology opens in our world today! There are more gift packs to choose from as well, so if you have a specific cause in mind, you can contribute directly to that one! 

As for wrapping this gift, Cool Effect makes that easy too! Each gift comes with a personalized certificate, instructions and paper to make your own origami snowman (so fun!) and a personalized message from the sender. I can't wait to give mine to Derek this holiday season! 

Who would you gift Cool Effect too? 

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