Tuesday, December 12, 2017

10 Must Have Stocking Stuffers

Dry Bar 'Hold Me' Hair Clips - I use these clips all the time! When I initially ordered them, I wasn't sure if they were worth the money, but then I realized what a difference they make when I'm straightening or curling my hair! Definitely a gift that will be used often! 

Dry Bar 'Lil Lemon Drop Detangling Brush - My daughters & I both use this brush every day. It is the perfect detangling brush - which is important when you have wild curly hair like Ella & I do. This mini version is perfect for stockings & travel! 

Fuzzy Socks - You just can't go wrong with fuzzy socks!

Packing Cubes - These packing cubes are life changing! We are constantly on the go for long weekends with our family & I love how these keep us organized! I first heard about them from Cassie & now I'm totally obsessed. 

Orange Sweet Vanilla Conditioning Detangler - I bought this for my girls, but use it for myself now! It smells SO good & it smooths out our snarls perfectly! 

Pom Pom Hat - I love a good winter hat. Practical & fashionable. This faux fur pom pom version has my heart!  

Flair Pens - As a teacher, I can't live without my Flair Pens. But, I will tell you that EVERYONE who ever borrows a pen from me wants their own. Perfect stocking stuffer! 

Lightening Cord - I'm adding this out of practicality. You can never have enough iPhone chargers. Never. These come in a variety of lengths too, which I love because I prefer extra long cords next to my bed & at my desk. 

Phone Case - I love the pink tones in this marble phone case! 

B.P. Stud Earrings - I wear studs just about every day & these are some of my favorites. B.P. makes a ton of affordable options, so you change it up without breaking the bank.