Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weekend Recap - Let's Deck the Halls

I just need to make it through today & then I'll be on Thanksgiving Break! Despite this week only being two days long, it has been a crazy one. Yesterday I had my annual observation, volunteering in Ella's classroom, parent teacher conferences & our cheer parent meeting. So, I got home around 8:30  and fell into bed! Today, Eric had an early flight into New York for a day trip, which meant that I had to get Ella on the bus, drop Livy off, and arrive at work late. And did I mention I'm hosting a feast in my classroom at lunch today? I may have bit off more than I can chew this week... #thanksgivinghumor 

Anyways... we had a really fantastic weekend & I just had to share it with you all! This weekend was amazing because we had no "real" plans that required us to be anywhere at a certain time, be showered or dressed in matching clothes. Those weekends are extremely rare in our world, so we embraced this one. 

We got right up Saturday morning, scarfed down some waffles, then got down to business decorating. Putting up the tree always takes the longest, so that's what we started with. The girls were just about bursting with excitement when we were finally ready to decorate it and put Santa on his perch at the top! 

Once the tree was finished, we moved onto the rest of the house, which included lots of garland. Ella helped me string the garland on the staircase & decorate it with tiny star ornaments. It's been her job for the past two years & she takes it very seriously. 

And then they found my stash of holiday accessories! 

By the time we "finished" decorating it was 1 PM & time for naps. While the girls napped, I cleaned up & took a shower, which let us leave for Target when they woke up. We had more garland & supplies to buy! 

And we finished up our Saturday with dinner with a high school friend that was in town. I have zero pictures of our evening because my phone was tucked away & I was thoroughly enjoying myself :) #sometimesyouhavetounplug 

Sunday morning started with bagels :) 

And then Ella & I headed out to do some errands. We ended up back at Target because today is 50's Day in Ella's classroom to celebrate the 50th Day of school. That means she needs to dress the part & I needed supplies. I don't do well on short notice, but we pulled it together. Ella was so funny, she kept telling me that I should just check to see if we had something in the attic. We don't have an attic. 

We ran to Marshal's too & I snapped this picture because her outfit was just cracking me up! I try to let her dress herself on the weekends & this was definitely one of her more creative looks! She's proud as a peacock though1 

When we got home, I sat down to paint my nails & my mini-me needed in on the action too. Which meant that Livy wanted in too & pretty soon my dining room was a full on spa. 

That evening Eric had the girls take this picture so he could send it to his mom. Two things I love - my girls & my Christmas decorations! 

We finished off the weekend with baths, PJs & Elmo Saves Christmas! Now we're all rested up for some Thanksgiving fun with our family this week! 

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