Tuesday, November 7, 2017

#TeacherTuesday: Classroom Tour

Welcome to my classroom! I spend such a large chunk of my time here, that I've worked really hard to make it a home. When I initially moved to elementary school, I had a broken hand, so last year's classroom did not look like this. My walls had to be painted at the end of June though, so I took it as an opportunity to totally start from scratch and make it a place I love to be. So let's get this tour started! 

This is my front door & also the front of the classroom. When you walk in, there is a sign in table where I put out morning work and the kids do their lunch count. The two chairs at the front table are one of my independent work areas, as I use something called flexible seating. There are no desks & no assigned seats in my room, so we use independent work areas when we do testing or need space from one another. 

The rest of the time, we're usually sprawled out on the floor like Miss Ella or at the floor table in the picture below. We like to have our space :) 

We have carpet squares & bean bag chairs to sit on around the floor table, but let me tell you it's kind of amazing to sit on the cool floor on a hot day too! #noAC 

Behind the floor table is my classroom library & our reading focus wall. We also have all of our supplies sorted in bins on the top of the bookshelf. We do community supplies, so everyone shares materials & I've found that while it takes a little getting used to, the kids embrace it by the end of the year & just grab what they need quickly. 

The blue table is our whole group table & another spot where I spend a lot of time. The picture below is set up for open house, so you'll see flip books & a few other materials set out. Their names aren't on the table anymore, because like I mentioned, we don't have assigned seats. 

Next to my blue table is the secondary entrance to my classroom. If the door actually opened to my co-teacher's room, it'd probably be open all the time. But it actually opens to a 4th grade classroom, and I teach 5th, so it's always closed. Over the door, I have my noise level posters from Miss 5th and on the door, I have my ISTE Standards posted so that I can constantly refer back to them with my students. 

So, my district is very into Instagram, so each teacher has a dedicated classroom account where we share photos & videos from our days. #THEFIVETRIBE is our classroom hashtag & underneath it is our mailboxes. One side is for my students & the other is where I store materials sorted by week for our ELA series. 

On top of our mailboxes, we have our Centers Bins, which house all of our independent work for the afternoon. I've used folders in the past, but these bins are amazing. I found them in the Target Dollar Spot & they're so handy for just about everything! 

Below our mailboxes we have our display of all the picture books we've read this school year. Our goal is to read 180 (which is about 1 per day). The kids love to see the progress we're making each week when I add the covers to our display! 

My desk area is one of my favorite spaces in the room. It really is a little sanctuary for me. I try to keep it tidy & inviting. and the sign above my desk is one of my favorite parts of the room. It's just a good reminder that teaching should be fun for everyone, every day. 

I really love that I have a huge window behind me & get tons of natural light. It's nice on warm days too to get a breeze because like I mentioned, #noAC. 

We focus on kindness A LOT in my classroom, so this year I made this sign to go by my clock. It's been a hit & now lots of my co-workers have them too. 

And I saved the best for last... my favorite wall in the entire classroom! 

The wall has my favorite saying "Throw Kindness Like Confetti" above it, and then my favorite song lyric posters are hung above that! The background of the board is a sprinkles table cloth from Target & the ice cream banner is from Target too. I display amazing student work on it & it's one of our favorite spots in the whole room. It was truly the first thing that the kids & their parents noticed when they walked in. I'm so glad it turned out as well as it did! 

So that's my room! Any questions, just ask! Most of the materials were either made by me, or I bought off of Teachers Pay Teachers, so I'm always happy to provide you with a link. 

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