Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Recap 2017

We are really dragging here today & a late night of trick or treating is completely to blame! When you see the pictures though, you'll see why it was all worth it! 

Yesterday, was chaos at school, as it is on any holiday. We had a lot of fun performing Room on the Broom for our families, parading in costumes, and having our party at the end of the day. My team & I didn't dress up this year, but we did match! 

While I was at school, Olivia was busy at Miss Jennie's and Ella was at school! 

I got to see my favorite little unicorn - Miss Madigan - while I was dropping off Livy! 

And this is Livy with "her babies." She loves "her babies." 

And Miss Ella was being a big Kindergartener with a parade of her own! I wasn't able to go, but one my friends sent me this picture! 

We headed straight home after school for a quick dinner & then got back into our costumes for some trick or treating! Olivia dressed up as Elmo this year & Ella was Elena of Avalor

This is actually only the second time we've trick or treated in our own neighborhood, & it was so much fun! First, we met up with our best family friends! 

Our crew was a wild one! We were out for just over an hour & those buckets came home full! 

Livy knows a sucker when she sees one. Even though she had a perfectly good stroller to rid in, she conned Miss Jackquelyn into carrying her! We did a few houses once we parted ways & I loved that this one was all decked out! 

We were back at home by 7:15, but with all the fresh air & the chaos of the day, it took us awhile to get settled down. Everyone slept hard last night & late this morning :) 

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