Thursday, October 26, 2017

What's In My Bag?

These what's in my bag posts are always some of my favorite to read. I have no idea why... actually, I do know why - I'm nosy. And I'm always looking for new things to try, and/or validation that I'm not the only person who carries around an inane amount of stuff everywhere they go! So today, I'm sharing what is in my bag! 

1 // I use this cheap plastic pouch to keep my pens & sticky notes from floating all over my bag. I hate when a pen opens in my bag, so this prevents that problem, and also contains my bobbie pins! 

2// My Kate Spade wallet - in this gorgeous blush pink - is small enough to fit in cross bodies, but big enough to hold all of my cards & cash. I also love that it's pretty enough to carry on its own if I'm just running into the store. 

3// Coco Shea lotion from Bath & Body Works is my favorite! It smells like you're on a tropical island & people always ask about it when I am wearing it. 

4// My ID badge for school is always in my bag because I am in & out of buildings on campus all day long. #sidedoorforthewin

5// I don't know about anyone else, but my phone does NOT last all day. I always end up charging it around 2 PM, so that it has a full charge for practice & my drive home. 

6// We're starting to wean Livy off her pacifier, but I carry one in my purse in case of emergencies! 

7// Can't leave home without an extra hair tie. 

8// I was sick all of last week, so tissues have been on heavy rotation. 

9// That purple folder is probably the most ridiculous thing in my purse. It's a copy of our cheerleading rubric. I have it on me at all times because I never know when one of the other coaches will ask me a question & I might need to refer to it. When I say this sport has become insane, this is why. 

10// I have fully converted over to a large, paper planner. I keep all of my appointments, to-do lists, important papers, and schedules in there. When I get to work, I set it on my desk next to me, then I pack it up at the end of each day so I have it on hand at home too. I use this Day Designer & absolutely love it! 

11// Extra straws from Dunkin Donuts because nothing can ruin a day faster than a broken straw. 

Not pictured: 

  • My iPhone Plus... because I was using it to take this picture :) 
  • I carry my Dunkin Donuts drink coozie with me all the time! I hate cold hands from iced drinks! 
  • I love big bags because I throw my laptop in there all of the time! If I'm coming to or from school, it's in there! 
  • On days when I know I'll be running around like a maniac, I throw in my battery charger so that I can charge my phone on the go! 
Ok , your turn. What's the craziest thing in your bag right now? 

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