Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

We started our weekend off at the last practice of fall season! The girls looked fantastic and it was a very low key way to start the weekend. They look so intense in this picture, but they're really a super sweet group of girls that I love to pieces. 

After practice, Olivia & I picked up Ella from her after school program. Ella had A LOT to share with us because Friday was her field trip to the pumpkin patch! They had perfect weather & she got to go out to the patch and pick her own pumpkin. She was so excited to show it to us & even more excited to carve it later that night. 

She drew the face on herself, then scooped out the seeds for all of two minutes before passing that job onto me. #typical

The finished product turned out very cute! Two heart eyes with a triangle nose & a straight line mouth. Just how she wanted it! 

Eric & Olivia worked on our big family pumpkin, that they carved with fangs in honor of the girls new favorite show, Vamperina. 

We took them outside to the porch, and I know this picture stinks, but they were so proud! Also, just note that we all looked a little ragged by Friday night. #longweeksdothat

Saturday morning, we all got up & Eric made us pancakes! The weather had taken a turn & it was much colder than it had been the night before. It was the perfect start to a chilly morning! 

While the girls played, I took my shower & got ready for Sectionals that afternoon. Ella got herself all dressed & came in to ask me if she was going anywhere for the day. Because she was so disappointed when I told her she didn't have plans, I texted my sister who took her to run errands with her! Ella was so excited to spend the afternoon with just Aunt Britt and doesn't she look so adorable in this outfit?! 

While Eric & Livy napped, I snuck out of the house to meet up with these girlies! They're wearing "clout glasses." I don't really understand it, I just roll with it. Things didn't go as planned. Scores didn't reflect the performance. I don't really want to talk about the outcome, but I am incredibly proud of these girls and I always will be. #mybabies

After a disappointing afternoon, I came home to my favorite people & we all headed to Red Robin to meet up with Uncle Matt, Aunt Britt & Madigan! I was super pumped for a burger & all the unlimited fries. 

And the only person who ate more fries than I did was Madigan. Girls loves her a good French Fry!

Sunday morning we all slept in & it was glorious! When I say slept in, I mean 7, but still. Once we all got downstairs, I made breakfast & then I got down to business cleaning out dressers & closets. With the crazy weather, then our crazy schedules, I just haven't had time to switch out their summer wardrobes. The other morning I tried to put a pair of 18 month leggings on Livy though, so I figured it was a chore that needed to be done! I was able to get it done relatively quickly, so Ella & I headed off to the consignment shop right as the opened. (If you want to read all about selling to consignment, check out this post!) 

While we waited for our drop to be processed, we hit up Old Navy & got lunch at Moe's! I found some really cute new pants for Livy at a great price & picked up a sweater for myself. Ella was just pumped there was queso & that it was raining so she could wear her rainboots. #shesdefinitelymydaughter

We came home to find that Eric had baked muffins while we gone! 

And since he did that, I got to work on Sunday dinner! I made up Skillet Macaroni & Cheese with a ham. Seriously, can you ever go wrong with that combo? #ithinknot

The rest of our evening was spent doing laundry, catching up on school work, coloring & watching football. This picture below cracks me up because Eric is in the middle of a crazy celebration over the Bills, and Ella is completely unphased and focused on her coloring. (Also, yes those are Santa pajamas in the background. I found them at the consignment shop with the tags still on!)

Hope your weekend was as good as ours!

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