Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye! I'm sitting in my classroom right now & feel like I never even left! 

We started our weekend off on Friday with a whole lot of running around. I had to drop off fundraising at all of our practices, then pick up Livy & Madigan, and then go back to practice to deliver a pizza to the Varsity team that was leaving for a Sectional game. I got a whole lot of steps in, in a very short amount of time! Our next stop was swap Madigan for Ella & we found her hanging out in Uncle Matt's minivan with this fella! 

After that we ran to Target, where we ran through the aisles since Olivia refused to cooperate. #terribletwos And when finally we made it home. This is how Ella looked... which perfectly matches how I felt.

Saturday morning, I was up bright & early for competition. I got myself ready & got the girls packed up to spend the night with their cousins! My mother-in-law put together a Halloween Party for them all & I was so sad that I couldn't make it! I kissed my kids goodbye, wished Eric good luck & headed off. 

I got on the bus, opened my phone to show Nicole something & found this. Apparently while I was getting ready, Livy was taking selfies...

I will not bore you with details from competition, but it was a very successful day! 

After competition, the coaches all headed out to dinner, where we were entertained by texts & Snapchats from Eric! 

Ella's face in this picture kills me. Apparently there was a disagreement about a scepter prior to this photo...
After dinner I stopped at Marshals, where I sadly bought nothing. I contemplated stopping for ice cream, but stopped myself. Instead, I went home to snuggle up with Charlie & my DVR. 

Sunday morning came even earlier than Saturday & once again, I was off to competition. All three teams looked fantastic & we had three first place wins, plus a third Grand Champs for the JV team! We had such a successful fall season & I am so very proud of our girls! Now, off to conquer Sectionals! 

I don't think I've ever gotten home from a competition as early as I did yesterday. It was 3 o'clock, I was home alone, and completely perplexed about what to do with myself. I decided to be responsible & cleaned the house while making myself a gourmet chicken nugget dinner & watching Scandal. 

Finally around 6, Eric got home with the kids! They told me all about the Halloween party, we played with Legos & watched some Vamperina together. Perfect ending to my weekend! 

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