Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Weekend on a Wednesday

Phew... so let me start by telling you that this weekend was fantastic. Then follow that up with, it completely wiped me out & on Monday afternoon I ended up going on four different prescriptions. #woof I was already fighting off a sinus infection, but apparently all of the excitement took its toll & that snowballed into bronchitis, an ear infection & a sinus infection. So if you've been looking for me the past two days, I've likely been struggling to keep my eyes open & not cough all over the people standing next to me. 

Like I said though, this weekend was a good one. On Friday night, we honored our graduating seniors at Senior Night. This is a group that I've always been close to, so I enjoyed giving them the recognition they deserve. 

Saturday morning was exciting because a) I didn't have practice & b) my parents were here! 

Eric headed off to golf with my dad & all of us girls headed off to the mall to do some shopping! We had such a good time together & I'm already missing her. 

Sidenote: I asked Ella to show me a sassy shopping with the girls pose. This is what I got! 

Saturday night we met back up with the guys & headed off to Napa Woodfired Pizza - one of our favorite local restaurants. We filled up on pizza & wood fired wings, then I headed back home to pass out! 

Sunday was an early morning as we headed off to our first competition of the season! I got to wear matching outfits with these girls :) 

... and then we won a really large trophy! 

I was exhausted by that point, so I picked up some Panera on my way home that evening then snuggled up to watch shows with my babies the rest of the night. A truly tiring, yet exciting weekend. 

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