Thursday, October 19, 2017

Family Photos 2017

This summer, while on our annual family vacation in Surfside Beach, we had our annual family photos taken. My sister & I found a photographer that we fell in love with, we all worked to coordinate our outfits, then a monsoon hit the night our photos were scheduled for. #tragedy The photographer we'd fallen in love with didn't have any room in her schedule to fit us in during the rest of our stay, but thankfully she was able to find another photographer to shoot us. 

Ryan, from One Life Photography, came to our rescue & we shot two days later on a windy but beautiful evening in Myrtle Beach State Park. Shooting three children under the age of five, along with six other adults is no easy task, but I was thrilled with our photos.  

Ella was really killing it with her poses all night long. Maddie absolutely refused to cooperate. And Olivia was being her usual self, a total bulldozer, but somehow managed to be the star of every shot. #gofigure

I love these candid shots that Ryan captured of me with the girls on the beach. We were actually singing Moana while we were walking & I hope I always remember that moment. 

I absolutely adore the shots of all the girls together & with my parents. I am always wishing I had more photos of myself with my grandparents & am so grateful the girls will have these to cherish & remind them of our annual family trips. 

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