Monday, February 27, 2017

February Break Recap 2017 - Part 1

This winter break has been one for the books! I'm talking I fell asleep on the couch at 7:45 last night, just because it's been so darn busy & fun! So even though I should probably be prepping lessons right now, I just had to share our adventures with you all :) 

As soon as my students got on the bus last Friday, I hopped in the minivan with Ella! We scooped up Livy & then drove about an hour to pick up Grammy Nancy (Eric's mom) who accompanied us on our trip. I cannot say how enormously helpful it was to have Nancy with me on this trip! She really is like another mother to me (I've dated Eric since I was 17) and we're very close, plus she's one of the most helpful people I know. So... we hit the road, stopping at Sheetz for a quick road trip dinner, then we powered straight through to my parents house in Virginia! It's about an 8 hour trip, so we arrived just before midnight. The girls were awesome on the way down - sleeping most of the way - and I was grateful to have Nancy keeping me awake after a long week at school. 

Saturday morning we woke up & it was gorgeous in Virigina! Actually, it was gorgeous our entire trip! Sunny & 70 in February is something I can get used to. We hit the road to Fredericksburg & did a bunch of errands with my mom. Both girls were very excited to be wearing their new spring jackets & I was even wearing sandals!! 

We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a, my absolute favorite, and we basically cleaned out the entire Cat & Jack section at Target. Seriously, their kids line is so cheap & so adorable! I will be sharing some of our favorite finds later in the week because they are precious - and over that weekend they were 25% off! We came home that afternoon & I got to go walking with my mom outside while the girls played. I think everyone was asleep by 8 though because of the fresh air & our late night the night before! 

The next day, we were up & at em to head to the park! It was the most beautiful of all the days & we had a blast playing outside! 

I spent a large chunk of my afternoon sitting outside in the sunshine and it was glorious! Ella was loving it too,... until I made her put on sunscreen. After naps, we headed off to another park to play some more. This time my dad was with us, which is Ella's favorite, so she was in heaven. 

So while Sunday was probably Ella's favorite day of the trip, Monday was my favorite! I had everyone bathed & set to head out bright and early so that we could hit Tysons Corner Center as soon as it opened! 

Tysons is one of my favorite malls because it has so many of our favorite stores that we just don't have in Rochester - The Disney Store, American Girl, and Nordstrom! 

Ella did some shopping for her Bitty Baby & picked out a new outfit for her :) She probably could have picked out at least 10 outfits, but she ended up settling on some cute little kitty pajamas. I think it was the slippers that sold her. 

After American Girl we did a whole lot of shopping, followed by lunch at Shake Shack, and then more shopping! We were VERY fortunate that the girls both took awesome naps that afternoon & we were able to shop in peace for a few hours. I ended up finding some great stuff from Nordstrom's sale & surprisingly enough, bought some really cute stuff from Forever 21's clearance that literally totaled less than $10! At the end of the day... Ella was happy, but ready to head back to Grammy's. 

And even though I intended to write this all in one post, it's getting WAY too long, so I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of our break! Happy Monday everyone! 

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