Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Break 2017 - Park 2

Our last day in Virginia was Tuesday, and since my mom was back to work, we kind of just puttered around their small town. We did some browsing on their Main Street, then hit up Chili's for some lunch. Ella was very excited to show off her new Beauty & the Beast shirt to everyone :) 

We played outside a little bit more, then Gramps made everyone a delicious dinner! After dinner, I went downstairs to do some cardio & Ella wanted to join me. She laid down in her teepee, watched some Elena, and next thing I knew, she was out cold. This was great - except we were in the basement & I needed to carry her up to bed on the second floor! 

We were up & on the road to New York by 6:45 on Wednesday morning. I'm so glad we got an early start because we had to make a lot more stops on the way home than on the way there. Our first stop was at Cracker Barrel for a real breakfast & even though it took an hour, it was worth it! I just love me some Cracker Barrel! We made it to Grammy Nancy's house by 2:30, then played there for an hour or so, then hit the road for the final stretch back to Rochester to see Daddy! 

We started with an early practice Thursday morning, did a few errands, grabbed lunch & found a park to play in! It was the last day of projected nice weather, so we made the most of it! Spring jackets in February is unheard of in NY, so you really have to embrace it! 

We stopped for some ice cream at Sonic, then came home for naps. After Ella woke up, we tackled some clearance crafts! She is SO into these little projects lately :) 

The rest of Thursday was spent at the playground in the sunshine! Unfortunately, we woke up to a monsoon on Friday morning. So, we went off to what would be our last practice of the season. 

After practice, we met up with Aunt Britt & Maddy to eat some lunch and go to the mall. We had GapCash to spend & wanted to do something despite the rain - so it was the perfect option! 

Saturday was all about Sectionals. Sadly, we did not win. It was a heartbreaking day, because they've had an absolutely amazing season. I didn't want them to finish it out this way, but I was proud of them for pushing through. 

We ended up taking 4th, which is really an honor considering there were many teams without falls that didn't place at all. The coaches went out to eat our feelings afterwards & of course, we're just crazy enough to be planning our comeback for next year. 

On Sunday, we laid low all day. Eric & I took turns going to the gym, then my sister's family came over for some Sunday sauce. It was the perfect low key ending to our break. And just like that... I'm back to work, out of season for cheer, and already counting down the days until Spring Break rolls around! 

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