Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday - How We Save

Today we are talking about what we save on & what we splurge on. I'm sure if you talk to my husband, he'll tell you that I'm much better at splurging than at saving, but I'm trying. A few things that I'm currently doing to save money...

  • I use a lot of rewards programs, particularly for things that I buy often. For instance, I get at least 2 free drinks a month with my Dunkin Donuts app. It's something that I buy anyways, so I just use my app instead of swiping my card each time. Since the price of iced tea is different locations - it can vary as much as $1.07 in one place versus $2.91 in another! -  I save up my free drinks for when I know I'll be in a place where it costs more! 
  • Like the rest of the world, we do a lot of our shopping at Target and there are tons of ways to save there! First, I always use the Cartwheel app. With their scan feature, I take a picture of the barcode on each item and check to see if it is on sale. These offers stack on top of other coupons and in store offers, so they're awesome. For instance, I just bought a box of diapers that were on sale, plus 25% off with a coupon, plus had another 5% off in the Cartwheel app. The box that is normal $28.99 cost me $17.75! And if you have a RedCard, you can save another 5% on every. single. purchase. I used to have the RedCard that was a credit card, but I now use the debit version, which comes right out of our checking account. It's the exact same as using my bank card, but I get 5% off, which is awesome! 
  • I use Ebates whenever I shop online! I have the Chrome Extension installed so that whenever I even open a website like Gap or Nordstrom, it pops up & asks if I want to activate cashback. It's usually only 1% or 2%, but that adds up quick!  If you aren't signed up, trust me, you need to! 
Now... moving onto what we splurge on! You can basically categorize our splurges into two categories - electronics. 
  • Eric & I love Apple products, and look at them as an investment. We know they're more expensive going in, but we've always had such excellent customer service it's totally justified. All our our computers, tablets, phones, & watches are Apple. Worth every penny. 
  • As far as vacations go, we splurged big this past year & went to Disney! My parents paid for a big chunk of this trip, but that didn't make it cheap. We really had to save to cover airfare, food, and souvenirs for the kids. We are already saving to go back to Disney though because it's so worth it! 

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