Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lots & Lots of Diapers = Saved Money

Yesterday I touched on my resolution to eat healthier in the new year, so today I thought I'd talk about my other resolution - which is to spend less money. I know, they're such stereotypical resolutions, but after Christmas, I always feel a little fluffy & a lot poor. Kids are NOT cheap - especially around the holidays - but thankfully SAMS Club offers amazing deals on diapers to help us stay on budget. 

While I was at Sam's this weekend, I stocked up on the HUGE pack of Huggies Diapers. This is a 2 month supply - aka 312 diapers - and the value can't be beat!! An added bonus, I never run out of diapers! I used to dread texts from our babysitter saying that Olivia needed diapers by tomorrow, but now all I need to do is run down to the basement!  

Even if you don't have kids, the value at Sam's Club can't be beat. There are so many benefits to a membership! There is FREE shipping on select items & regular savings on many household staples! Even if you don't have a large family, the savings on items like paper towels, toilet paper, peanut butter, toothpaste, etc. adds up fast! 

I've had a lot of people tell me that they just never have time to get to Sam's Club, and what they never seem to realize is that you can get the same deals online! For instance - the same deal is available online & they can be shipped right to your house in no time! Free shipping too! 

And if you didn't notice before there's a $6 instant savings on this already amazing deal! To find a Sams Club near you & get stocked up, just click here

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