Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm so looking forward to this weekend. My parents are in town from Virginia, we have our first cheer competition of the season, and it's a long weekend for MLK Day! 

It's been forever & a day since I've done a Friday Favorites post, so I'm super excited to share some of the things I'm loving with you all today! 

My watch is in competition mode today with my navy band & yellow font!
So up first is my absolute favorite Christmas present - my Apple Watch. Ever since reading Shay's post on how much she loved hers, I've wanted one. I held off almost a year though because they aren't cheap & I just didn't truly need it. Well, right around Halloween, my FitBit started acting up. It was apparent that I was going to have to replace it, and when I looked into prices for the new models, it made more sense to spend a little extra & just get the Apple Watch instead. I waited for it to go on sale on Black Friday, and then I had to wait until Christmas to open it. And I've only taken it off to charge it since! I absolutely loving all of the features that it has & I completely agree with Shay that I spend less time on my actual phone because of it. 

Image result for zella live in leggings

Next favorite. Leggings. I truly can't get enough of leggings right now. I wear them at least 3 days a week, plus every night when I get home. Now you may be thinking it's because I gained a few pounds over the holiday & my pants won't zip. And I'm not going to lie to you, that is definitely part of it. The biggest part of it is that nothing else seems to keep me warm lately! It gets cold in my classroom after lunch & tights/dress pants just aren't cutting it! My absolute favorite leggings are the Zella Live-In Leggings. I get them in the high waisted version, which helps to keep everything in place. I am also a big fan of Old Navy Workout Leggings. Since they're less expensive, I tend to buy these in trendier patterns that I won't wear as often, and then I tend to buy my Zella leggings in black. 

My next favorite is my MantraBand that my sister got me for Christmas. It says "It Is What It Is" - which truly is my life mantra. I already have  a sign that says it in my house, so when she saw the bracelet she said she immediately thought of me. I'm big on not crying over spilled milk. I try to accept things, move on, and make the best of the situation. I love wearing my mantra on my wrist all day & they have TONS of other sayings available too. Just this weekend I saw that my mother-in-law was wearing one that said "Enjoy the Journey" which I loved too! 

theBalm Manizer Sisters, 0.11 oz.

And, my last favorite is totally out of my comfort zone but I have to share it. My sister in law, Hannah, is in cosmetology school, so she's always bringing home cool stuff to try. While I was at their house this fall, I tried her bronzer palette & was obsessed. So, she got it for me for Christmas & I still love it! It comes with two bronze shades, plus a blush/bronzer shade too. It's perfect for my super pale skin right now! 

Happy Weekend Friends!

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