Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Favorite Books of 2016

One thing you may not know about me is that I'm an avid reader. I enjoy reading a wide variety of novels, as well as blogs & magazines. The teacher in me just feels better about life if I read every day. I'm always looking for new books suggestions & generally find them from my favorite bloggers' book reviews, recommendations from friends, and recommendations from Amazon. I also have a thing for series, so don't be surprised when you read through this & I'm not just recommending one book, but an entire series :) 

I am a big Nora Roberts fan. It all started with The Bridal Quartet series & I've been hooked every since. So that is how I stumbled upon The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. Now, I have to tell you that as much as I love Nora's flair for romantic, I love her even more when she gets a little dark & twisty - which is exactly what she does in this series. It's a romance, but has some true suspense & action with it too - which is my favorite of all favorites. The series is about a group of brothers renovating an Inn in a small town and the families they create as the story line evolves throughout. The series is incredibly charming & perfect for romance fans. The Next Always is the first book in the series. 

Weekday Brides Series (7 Book Series) by  Catherine Bybee

Next up is another series that I absolutely adored because again - suspense & romance. The Weekday Bride series by Catherine Bybee had me hooked! I especially loved it because the characters build throughout the entire series, so the people you fall in love with from the first book, just keep evolving as you continue reading the series. I read the whole series between Thanksgiving & Christmas - it was just so good! 

Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir by [Hill, Clint, McCubbin, Lisa]

Mrs. Kennedy & Me by Clint Hill totally enraptured me. As a history major, I just loved the behind the scenes perspective of life with one of our most famous First Ladies. Clint Hill is very candid & honest about his time with Mrs. Kennedy - what he enjoyed, what annoyed him, and all of the events he was a part of. Reading his book was like listening to my grandpa tell stories about the good ol' days & I just loved it. With that said, I tried to read Five Presidents also written by Clint Hill, but just couldn't get into it because it was far too similar to Mrs. Kennedy & Me in content. 

First Comes Love: A Novel by [Giffin, Emily]

I'm pretty hit or miss with Emily Giffin books. Some I love, some are meh. This one... I loved. It centers around sibling rivalry, family dynamics, and loves lost because of secrets kept. This is definitely a must read! 

My last two picks throw it WAY back to last winter, when I picked up a copy of Loraine Moriarty's Big Little Lies. OMG. Hands down one of my favorite books ever. So much suspense. It kept me guessing the entire novel. It's currently being made into an HBO miniseries too & I cannot wait! 

After reading Big Little Lies, I had to read another one of her books, so I picked up What Alice Forgot. Totally different from Big Little Lies, but still so amazing. I absolutely loved watching Alice piece her life back together & figure out where things had taken a turn! The disappointing thing is that I tried to read Truly Madly Guilty & couldn't even get through it 😞 I guess every author has a few flops though... 

So those are my favorite books of 2016. 
What were yours? 

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