Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve & Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas 2016 was unique in that I taught right up until 3:45 on Friday, December 23rd. That means that I essentially dove head first into Christmas as soon as the kids walked out the door! I left school, drove to Eric's hometown, and arrived late to a dinner with 28 friends. Legit - 28 people that we love - sitting at a huge table in one of our favorite pubs. It was the best possible way to start break. 

After dinner, we headed to a huge charity event hosted by two of our friends. It was an Ugly Sweater Party & we had the best time! Almost everyone was home for it & we were just all happy to be together. (Side note - my amazing hat was made by my Kindergarten friends at school!) 

Eric's sister is a SENIOR this year! I can't even believe I'm typing that! She worked the door to the event as part of her community service & apparently I was quite a hoot that evening. We did manage to snag a good pic at the beginning of the night though :) 

The next morning came quick & we headed to the country house for a Christmas Eve lunch with my extended family. It was super low key, just appetizers & dessert. We really just focused on enjoying one another's company... and football. There was lots of football happening.  

After lunch, we let the girls nap & then headed back to Eric's mom's house for the night. (We do a lot of driving back & forth for holidays.) We ate a huge pasta dinner then a special surprise arrived for the girls! 

One of our very best friends arrived in his elf costume to read the girls a bedtime story & give them gifts! Our kids absolutely LOVE their Uncle Bedford. Livy was a little skeptical about the elf costume, but she warmed up after a bit!

This is the second year that he has come to the house & I just love this little tradition. I'm definitely going to make him keep doing it. It's just too cute! 

After the story & his presents, it was time for the rest of us to change into our Christmas pjs too. By that time both of Eric's sisters had joined us too & we were all getting ready to settle in. And by settle in, I mean haul hundreds of gifts upstairs from the basement into the living room. 

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