Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show & Tell - Quirks Edition

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share a few of my quirks... and by quirks I mean the stuff that I don't normally admit out loud to other people, but if you know me for very long, you'll figure it out. 


1 - I eat like a five year old. I hate condiments. Ketchup, salt, and ranch dressing are about as wild as it gets for me. I prefer white bread. I dislike any sauces, garnishes, etc. The simpler my food, the better. As I type this right now, I'm eating chicken nuggets & potato wedges from the school cafeteria & I'm more than happy with that. 

2 - I hate unpacking/putting away laundry. I'm horrible about this. We got home from a long weekend at my parents on Monday morning last week & I unpacked the suitcases this Saturday night. That's also when I put away every ounce of laundry that had been done all week. 

3 - It pains me to be late, so I'm usually close to 15 minutes early. It's ridiculous, but I can't stand being late, so I overcompensate. Those who know me well, just expect me early. 

4 - I avoid confrontation at all costs. I can't stand it. I will tip toe around the issue forever if I don't get a little shove. Sometimes when I'm reading books, I'll skip a confrontation in the book, just because it makes me so uncomfortable! 

5 - I probably drink a gallon of iced tea a day. Between what I bring with me to school, buy at the drive thru, then drink at home - it has to be close to a gallon. My students & athletes know the way to my heart is a Tim Horton's or Dunkin Donuts gift card! But it HAS to be unsweetened. Sweet tea = bleh...

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