Saturday, September 17, 2016

Little Bits for My Little Liv

One of the biggest challenges I've faced since starting Olivia on solids, is the balance between nutricious food & being on the go all of the time. While I can obviously pack fresh fruits & veggies most of the time - that takes a lot of preparation - which I'm honestly not always good at! #insertmonkeywithhandsovereyesemoji I found myself missing the ease of baby food, and then I discovered Gerber Little Bits!

Gerber now has 3rd stage foods that are a traditional baby food puree with little bits of actual food thrown in. So if you're child is like mine & doesn't really do "traditional"baby food anymore, these might just be what you've been looking for!

We stock up on our Lil' Bits at Target, because not only do they have a huge variety of flavors, they also have great deals too. Like right now, you can save an additional 5% off with the Cartwheel app!

Livy's favorite flavors are Broccoli Carrot & Cheddar Cheese - which reminds me of Panera Cheddar Broccoli Soup - Butternut Squash & Potato, and Apple Blueberry! We keep them on hand so that whenever we're away from home, we can toss them in the diaper bag and feed her a healthy dinner that we know she'll enjoy! We're also working towards Olivia using a spoon independently, so these are great foods for her to practice with!

Lately we've been pairing the Broccoli Carrot & Cheddar Cheese with Orzo pasta for a dinner that she absolutely loves and is totally healthy for her! She is able to use a spoon to feed it to herself, and as I mentioned before, it's very similar to a broccoli cheddar soup with whole grain pasta mixed in for additional nutrients!

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