Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Family Photos at Eastman House Gardens

It feels like forever ago, maybe because it was the beginning of August & summer feels like a dream that slipped away, but I finally had professional photos done of the girls together! I have had my very best friend take family portraits last year, and my sister took six month photos that I love, but neither of them would classify themselves as a professional. So as Livy turned one, I knew it was time to have some true professional photos done of the girls. 

Our photos were done by SBurrit Photography and I cannot say enough amazing things about her. She is a teacher by day, photographer by weekend, but she does phenomenal work. As a teacher, I love supporting other teachers! She did such a wonderful job capturing each of the girls' personality, despite the fact that it was 90 degrees at 8 am & I wouldn't exactly classify their attitudes as ideal. 

Olivia wasn't walking yet when we had these photos, and now she's going full speed at all times, so to look back at her tentatively standing against objects makes me smile. They grow up so fast and I know that I'll cherish this snapshot of our lives for years to come. 

As far as location goes, we faced a challenge in that our city had a serious drought on our hands by early August. I wanted crisp green gardens for the photos, so we decided on one of the few green spaces the city had to offer - Eastman House Gardens. The gardens remind me of Alice in Wonderland - a giant tea party, English garden. I just loved the stonework too. 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Eastman House & their grounds crew. They were so very thoughtful & welcoming. We were there before the museum opened, so the staff was buzzing about the property. They stayed out of our way though, and the man I had talked to about using the gardens the day before even stopped over to say hello. If you're looking for a place for family photos, senior photos, or engagement photos in Rochester - this should be at the top of your list! 

We took the rest of our photos in the side gardens & along the entry way that is covered in ivy. I think that Livy looks like a little fairy in these photos! 

If I had to pick two pictures that completely captured their personalities at one and four, the ones above & below this would win. Olivia is completely devious. She's my daredevil, always on the go, always looking for something to do that she's probably not supposed to. And my Ella? She's so incredibly curious. She loves pretty things. She wants to be a princess, and this fountain reminded her of being back at Disney. 

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