Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disney 2016: Day 2

Day two of our trip was one of the days I was most excited for, because Magic Kingdom always has been & always will be my favorite Disney park. You just can't beat all that magic! 

I had big plans for getting there in time for the rope drop show, but that didn't happen. Traveling with 8 people - two of which are children and one of which is not a morning person - kind of derailed any & all of my bright and early morning plans. Even though my kids were up at 6:30 each day, it just took awhile to get them both fed, dressed, and park ready! 

We did get there right at 9 though, so we were able to walk right in to meet Tinkerbell. She is one of Ella's absolute favorites, so this was a big deal! 

The two of them had quite the conversation & Tink even let Ella touch her shoes. Then, she made Ella's whole life when she said, "I just love your bun! It's just like mine!" Ella smiled from ear to ear because in our house we have only four hairstyles - Anna braids, Elsa braid, Rapunzel braid/pony & of course, the Tinky Bun. 

After we met Tink, we headed up Main Street for our first Fast Pass of the day. We met Rapunzel & Tiana - both of which Ella loved. It was really dark in these rooms though, so I feel like all of my pictures in them stink :( 

Then we got to riding some rides! First up was the carousel. Ella loved it as always & Livy was kind of like "Meh, can I have another snack?" Which was pretty much Livy's thoughts on this whole trip :) 

We then rode Seven Dwarves Mine Train, which Ella HATED - even though she was tall enough, it was definitely more than she could handle at 4. She legitimately said, "I don't think we should have come here mom," after riding it. I almost died laughing, she was so adorably distraught. So we followed it up with the Tea Cups & all was better! 

We rode Peter Pan's Flight, Winnie the Pooh's Honey Pots, & then headed to our lunch reservation at Be Our Guest. I have to say that this was one of the best meals we had in the park. Everyone loved what they ate & the castle is very beautiful! 

After we ate lunch, we headed back to Riverside to swim & take naps. We did this every day & it was the best decision we could have made. The kids would have been done by 3 if we didn't take them back to cool down & rest each day. 

After our break, we changed into non-sweaty clothes & headed back to the park! 

We did a bunch of rides in Adventureland & Frontierland. Ella's favorite was the Magic Carpets! Then we had dinner at Pecos Bill's, which has a pretty awesome (and large) chicken taco salad. 

After dinner my sister & Matt headed back to the hotel while the rest of us found our seats for the Electric Parade! Ella REALLY loved this parade & was totally into it. I'm so glad we ended up seeing it twice on our trip because it was just announced last week that it is being retired! 

This was Eric's favorite float & this pic is from his SnapChat to his friends
telling them how cool this parade was. Some boys never grow up :) 

After the parade my mom & I headed to get some treats at The Main Street Confectionary. If you don't know, that is a rice krispie treat covered in chocolate and M&M's. It also happens to be my favorite treat at Disney! 

And that was Day 2! It was definitely one of our longest ones, but Ella loved it so much that I didn't mind in the least! 

And if you missed it...

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