Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

This Saturday we attended my favorite festival of the year - The Corn Hill Arts Festival. I normally go each year with my mom & sister, but this year my mom couldn't make it up from Virginia, so I went with my sister, my kids, and our husbands instead. 

Our first stop of the day was the Duke's Donuts truck! These apple cider frycakes are my favorite and they were still warm when we go to eat them! Ella was a little upset that they didn't have frosting or sprinkles on them, but she came around. 

Every year we see the Fairy House Tour, but normally skip it. This year Ella was all about it though! 

I was really impressed with the fairy houses too. They were all incredibly intricate & you could tell that people had spent A LOT of time on them. People got to vote for their favorite & this is the one that I picked!

And this is the one that Ella voted for!

Eric got in on the wine tasting, while I ate up some meatballs from The Meatball Truck! 

Ella did a little birthday shopping & her Aunt Britt bought her a new Belle necklace! 

And then the crazy dog lady struck again... buying this sign for her backyard. 

After the festival, we took a stroll along the river & enjoyed the beautiful day. Then headed to one of my favorite restaurants - The Gate House - for a late lunch/early dinner. 

On Sunday, we  woke up to cooler temps & a little rain, so we headed out to the grocery store to get our errands taken care of. The big surprise was that our normal truck carts had been upgraded to tractor carts! The girls were really excited about it. We were hoping they'd be easier to drive, but nope, just as big of a pain as normal. 

We came home took naps & then the weather was SO MUCH NICER! We played in our water table (hence why Olivia is topless), took two walks, and did some chalking. 

We finished off the night with fajitas on the grill & some US Gymnastics! Now this week, we're headed to spend a week at cheer camp. We'll be in the gym all day, getting ready for the season. Then the coaches are headed to Baltimore for the weekend 

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