Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend Recap - Almost the 4th of July

So, I had intended to do one big long weekend post today, but we just packed way too much fun in for me to do it at once. So today, I'm going to talk about Saturday & Sunday. Then tomorrow, I'll be back with a recap of our Fourth of July celebration. 

On Saturday morning, we still "hungover" from our vacation. There were suitcases everywhere - some that needed to be unpacked & others that needed to be repacked. The girls needed baths & I needed to get a Target trip in before we went to Hornell that afternoon for a few parties. It was chaos, but somehow we made it into the car by noon & were on time for a graduation party for two of Eric's cousins. 

We were extra excited about the party because it was the first time we'd get to see my niece since she's been out of the hospital! 

The kids played & played on the swing set. Then they ate some food & rode scooters. And repeat. They were just so happy to be playing together again :)  

We stayed as long as we could, then headed off to meet Grammy Nancy at a fireworks party! Ella had her first taste of sparklers & loved them! We all stayed up way too late, then slept over at Grammy Nancy's for the night. 

The next morning, we were dragging but we had to get a move on because we had a hot date at the lake with Aunt Britt & Uncle Matt! Matt's parents rented a cottage for the week & invited us to come join them. It was an offer we just couldn't pass up! 

Matt got this float for his birthday & it's awesome! It has a sun deck, two coolers, drink holders, and a spot to dip your feet in the center. We loved it! His is from Costco & is sold out, but I'm sure you can find them other places too! 

We managed to get Ella out of the sun for a few minutes & nap, but when she woke up, she was ready for amores! 

Then Ella got a big surprise when we went out for a boat ride with their neighbors... 

Ella got to drive the boat! 

It has some sort of nav system that he can control it with his phone, so she wasn't actually driving it. But she thought she was & loved it! 

While we were out on the water, we saw a lot of fireworks, but decided to head home to Rochester for the night since we were coming back again for the Fourth. We ended up seeing fireworks the whole way home & Ella loved it! It was such a great weekend and the best part - it wasn't even over yet!

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