Thursday, July 7, 2016

On the Lake for the Fourth of July

Without Livy at home & with Ella exhausted from the fireworks the night before, we got to sleep in on the 4th of July! Once we were up, I ran to Wegmans to get all of the ingredients for my Patriotic Trifle & some bagels. Once that was all prepped & we were repacked, we headed back to the lake for another day of fun! 

Ella wore her new navy blue swimsuit for the 4th & got right down to business swimming! While my sister & I hung out on the deck for a bit. The sun was HOT on Monday, so we wore our hats most of the day. FYI - mine is BP from Nordstrom & I love it! 

Last year, my sister tried paddle boarding & I was so jealous, but at 9 months pregnant it seemed like a bad idea. This year though, I got right out there & gave it a shot! 

A few things about my paddle boarding experience
  • I loved it. 
  • It's way harder than I thought. 
  • I didn't get wet, but the waves from boats & jet skis had me dropping to my knees a few times to avoid falling in. 
  • I was SORE on Tuesday & Wednesday. I definitely got more of a workout than I realized. 

After a sunny afternoon on the water, we got changed & helped grill up some dinner. But first we took a patriotic picture. We were missing sweet Livy, but know that she was happier in the AC with Grammy Nancy! 

As the sun went down, we busted out the sparklers! We had so much fun with them, but even more with the poppers. I hadn't played with those in years! If you follow me on Snapchat though, you know how fun they were... 

At the end of the night, we sat on the dock & watched the fireworks over the water. Perfect little 4th of July with my family :) 

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