Monday, June 6, 2016

#TrainTogether with Huggies Pull Ups & Cottonelle Fresh Care

Potty training. I dreaded those two words for months and months and months. I kept waiting for Ella to express an interest in using the toilet, and then figured we’d follow her lead. Except Ella never wanted to be potty trained. Finally around the time she was 2 ½, I knew that I couldn’t wait any longer & that I needed to give her a little shove. I bought the fancy undies, I made a sticker chart, I bribed her with M&M’s. And through all of that, we had minimal success. So I backed off.

By this point, she was home with me for the summer & we were on the go all of the time. We were running some errands one afternoon at Sam’s Club, when she spotted the big boxes of Disney themed Huggies Pull Ups. As with anything Princess Sofia & Doc McStuffins related, she wanted them. I decided that this was it. I was going to use those Pull Ups to my advantage & she was finally going to be potty trained!

Guess what – it worked. She loved those Pull Ups so much that she wore them daily, yet didn’t want to get them dirty. She could care less about going through 8 pairs of undies in a day, but a Princess Sofia PullUp was not acceptable. I kid you not, it bothered her to see me throw them away. Gradually, she had less & less accidents and finally, she went an entire day without one! It was a HUGE deal at our house!

Ella is extremely independent in her bathroom habits now. She can do just about everything on her own & will even ask me to turn my back in public restrooms to give her some privacy while she poops. (I can’t even make this stuff up.) Is she perfect with her toilet habits? Nope. She still wears Pull Ups to bed every night. Some mornings she wakes up dry, others she doesn’t. She also needs a little help with wiping, especially after she poops, which is why we’ve found Cottonelle FreshCare Cleansing Cloths to be really useful. I keep a tub of them on the back of our toilet, and it helps her to clean herself up without leaving any “skidmarks.” (Again, not joking, Eric called her Skidmark once & she thought it was the funniest word ever.)

I’ve learned a lot about potty training with Ella….
  • Wait until they’re ready. Pushing the issue only made it worse at our house & it put too much pressure on everyone.
  • Always be positive. Punishing Ella over something that she truly couldn't control yet, wasn't the answer. As frustrated as I was, I never took it out on her.

  • Ask for advice, but don’t take all of it too too seriously. There will be some things that your great grandmother suggests that will make you roll your eyes. Know who you can trust & seek out expert advice. Huggies Pull Ups has teamed up with a renowned child psychologist & has developed The Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership, which is a personalized, comprehensive program that is tailored to work with your child’s unique personality, on their schedule and according to how they learn. The program believes that the key to success in potty training is working with your child’s personality, not against it.

  • Do whatever works for your family. We found that Pull Ups were easier for all of us than going through 8 pairs of underwear a day. We also found that giving Ella one flushable wipe was better than having her rip off three yards of toilet paper! Find what works for you & stick to it!
  • Buy in bulk. I buy both Pull Ups & Cottonelle Cleansing Wipes in bulk at Sam’s Club so that we always have them available when we need them. Plus, it’s a great way to save money! In fact, if you visit your local Sam’s Club this month, you can receive a $10 e-Gift Card with the purchase any two Pull-Ups Training Pants and/or Cottonelle Fresh Care FlushableCleansing Cloths
Has anyone else had a similar experience with potty training? Any tips for when it's time to train Olivia? I'm certainly hoping it goes a little more smoothly next time around & hopefully with all of these lessons learned, it'll be easier! 

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  1. Sounds like you and your little girl are having a fun time on her new adventure toward being a "big girl!"
    Sinea ♥