Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Show & Tell - All About Charlie

Happy Tuesday Friends! Today I'm linking up with Andrea to talk about our pets... and since we only have one pet, today is all about Charlie! 

Charlie is a miniature American Eskimo. He's full grown at 30 pounds, but looks bigger or smaller depending on if he's had a hair cut recently. American Eskimos are REALLY smart, which is why they were used as circus dogs. Charlie tends to use his smarts for evil rather than for tricks, but regardless, he's smart.

I fell in love with American Eskimo dogs after a family friend was selling a litter. We didn't get one at the time because Eric & I were living in two different places, but it was only a matter of time until I convinced Eric we needed one! In the beginning, he lived in Eric's frat house during the week, so I was only with him Friday night through Sunday morning. So I'd get adorable pictures like this from Eric... 

They were so handsome :) Thankfully, we moved back in together about a month after we got Charlie & we were a happy little family! Charlie went to doggy day care a few days a week, and spent most o of his weekends at the country house. Charlie loves the country & could run outside for hours. He is able to run on my family's property without a leash & almost always comes back without an issue. 

Charlie has TONS of energy! We keep waiting for him to calm down with old age, but it hasn't happened yet. He loves to run with me & his favorite activity is swimming in the pond. He enjoys being outside in general, which is one of the reasons we love the double lot & huge yard at our house. 

I was really worried about how Charlie would be with the kids. He was the center of my world for almost three years before we had Ella & I didn't think he'd like playing second fiddle. He's adjusted really well over time & is great with our kids though! He's very protective of them & is a great watch dog. We have had issues with chewing up toys/dirty clothes, but never anything beyond that...

with Baby Ella

with Baby Livy
So that's Charlie - my first born & highest strung child. I remember how people used to laugh about how Charlie's life would change when I had Ella, and I shrugged it off because I never imagined I could love him less. But they were right. It isn't that I love him less, it's that I think of him as my dog now, not my child. He still sleeps in my bed, but I don't shell out hundreds of dollars a month for him to go to daycare. He still gets a treat every day, but it isn't from a doggy bakery. He gets lots of love from all of us though & that's what matters most. 

And one final fun fact - Charlie is the same breed as Kevin from The Proposal - which is one of my favorite movies :) 

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