Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Life Lately...

We're spending the week at my parents' house in Virginia. It is absolutely gorgeous & we're soaking all of the sunshine in. I had to laugh though because I've only been out of school for 5 days & they're setting up the Back to School section at their local Target! I did snag a few things for my new elementary classroom from the dollar spot, but other than that I'm not even close to ready to look at backpacks & notebooks. #ineedmysummer

We're about to head off to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains this afternoon, but I thought I'd pop in quickly & show you what we've been up to lately! 

Way back last Thursday, we had our last day of school for the year! Comparison photos are my favorite, and this one by the fence shows just how much my little Ella has grown. I cannot believe it was her last day at in-home daycare & she'll be at Pre-K next year. 

And oh Livy, she was such a tiny little thing back in September. Girl is a full on chunk now though! 

These two sweet girls have been at Miss Jennie's for almost 4 years together! Addy is off to pre-school in the fall too, so they're both leaving together. Sidenote - Addy is actually almost 6 months younger than Ella, she's just REALLY tall for her age! 

And my last drop off with two kids in tow... 

On Thursday we had our last faculty meeting of the year, finished packing up our rooms, and then we headed to our big staff BBQ at my best friends house. This was super convenient because I was able to drink with my friends without worry about driving home, since she only lives two blocks away. 

Like all responsible teachers, we had a beer Olympics that included flip cup & beer pong. I was on Team Ireleand and my friends below were on Team Jamaica. I was hired the same year as these two & one left to work at another district, but we're still good friends & I love being together with them! 

On Friday, I had to work a half day for a program I'm running next year, but then we loaded up the car & got on our way to Virginia! Thankfully, my grandma made the trip with us & she was super helpful in keeping the girls happy while I drove. We arrived around 9 pm that night & even though I was ready for bed, everyone was too excited to sleep when we got there! 

The neighbors have so kindly offered their playset to us & Ella has loved it! 

And Livy has been snuggling up with her Gramps as much as possible. She's wearing just a diaper as much as possible too. 

Ella set up a chalk & bubble station off the back porch too - just like at home. 

On Sunday, we had a family BBQ with my uncle & cousins who live in Richmond. Livy was pretty curious about my cousin Tyler, but they were besties by the time he left! 

Monday, we hit up the Country Club! They have a great kiddie pool off to the side, that has a connecting playground. Ella had this whole area to herself, and even though we went to the big pool to swim too, this was her favorite. 

I take that back, the french fries were actually her favorite. #thanksgramps

And yesterday we headed to Tysons Corner Center to do some shopping! We were on the hunt for summer clearance & the last few items that we needed for our vacation to Disney! Of course Ella thought she needed this too... #nothappening 

I did get her this cute sunhat at GapKids though! 

Both of the girls napped for over an hour, so we shopped in peace for awhile. 

We strung the trip out just a bit to avoid rush hour on the way home, but ended up driving in pouring down rain instead. Thankfully, the rain cleared up & we found a Chick-fil-a on the way home...

And this morning, we woke up & went swimming in the back yard! 

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