Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites - National Donut Day Edition

First & foremost, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy National Donut Day! 

Ella & I have already celebrated with our free donuts from Dunkin Donuts on our way to school! If you don't know, you get a free donut with the purchase of any large drink today! 

Now onto Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika & Narci

Sunshine is my first favorite of the week & we got lots of it the past week! My sister came over on Monday (while Ella was at the country house & Olivia was napping) so that we could relax in the sun for a bit. It was heavenly. We chatted, listened to music, and read our books in the peace & quiet. 

It should be noted that Sonic drinks for 99 cents before 9 am are a favorite too...
And speaking of reading, I am in the middle of Mrs. Kennedy & Me by Clint Hill right now & I am LOVING it! Even though I teach English now, I was a history major in college & the Kennedy's have always fascinated, especially Jackie. So this book has been super interesting & comes from a really unique perspective of the Secret Service Agent who protected her through the presidency & beyond. If you love the TV show Scandal, I think you'll love this book! 

So I meant to recap our Memorial Day Weekend with you all, but life got in the way. However, we did have a great time! It was the first  long weekend in years that we've been able to stay home the entire time & I really embraced it. We did a few of our favorite things... 

We went to the Public Market & bought fresh produce and flowers! (... and I got to go with only 1 kid & without the double stroller. That's always a favorite.) 

My favorite person - my mom - came to town & we went shopping with my sister. I tried on a ton of items & bought a few - all of which I'll be sharing next week! 

We went swimming at our BFF's house too! Funny story - my BFF is having her pool installed as we speak, but until then we've just been turning the hot tub down to 85 & letting the kids swim in it. We keep laughing that she really didn't need to install a pool because the kids just love swimming in the hot tub! 

And if you didn't know... June just so happens to be my favorite month! First of all, it's the end of the school year & the start of summer vacation. It also brings with it my birthday! And with a birthday comes birthday presents! I got my first few birthday presents last weekend from my mom & dad, but the biggest one came from my husband who bought me a new phone! 

I've been slumming it with an slowly dying iPhone 5s for quite awhile now, waiting for the right time to upgrade, I figured if my phone was still working then it didn't really make sense to buy a new one. But hubby came through in a major way & ordered me an iPhone 6s Plus and I am LOVING it! There are so many cool features on it that I'm still trying to learn, and it is by far my favorite birthday present! My mom was in on the fun too & got me this awesome Sonix case from Nordstrom that just arrived yesterday & I'm already obsessed with.  

Sadly, that's all I have time for today because I need to get us packed up to travel this weekend. We're headed to a family wedding that requires me to camp - in a tent - with portapotties. Please say a few prayers for me this weekend. I am NOT an outdoorsy girl at all! 

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