Monday, May 16, 2016

What I Did This Weekend...

Our weekend was delightfully low key, so while I don't have a ton of pictures to share, I'm going into the week feeling refreshed. That's bad for blogging, but good for an exhausted mama. This is what we did do though... 
  • Saturday morning we woke up & got down to business cleaning the house. It had been awhile since we really cleaned - like dusted, windexed, scrubbed kind of cleaned - and I feel so much better now that it's done!

  • I took the girls out for a walk. I knew they were both tired & figured Olivia would nap, but Ella surprised me & passed out too! It was the most peaceful walk I've had in ages. It was cloudy but warm & I got an extra mile in.

  • We went to our favorite wood-fired pizza place for a late lunch/early dinner with Grandpa Dan & Grammy Mary! 

  • We did our grocery shopping at the big Wegmans with the cutest little helpers. 
  • Sunday morning, I did some "virtual shopping" - which is where I add things to my cart & pretend that I'm buying them. 
  • We stayed inside & hid from the wind, rain, & 40 degree weather. I'm calling it a rest day, but it's more like an I was afraid I'd turn into a popsicle day. 
  • We had leftover pizza for lunch & it was just as yummy the second time around.
  • I took a nap.
  • Aunt Britt & Uncle Matt visited us :) 
  • Eric made tacos for dinner! #tacosneverdisappoint
  • I finished out the weekend with a ton of laundry, and some help from this cutie! 
Here's hoping that this week is as relaxed as this weekend was! 

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