Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday everyone! Isn't it crazy that it's May already? I wrote the date on my board this morning & almost fell over. It certainly didn't feel like May on my drive in this morning through torrential rains, but at least we're one day closer to the end of the school year!

We started off our weekend helping set up & organize for our cheerleading rummage sale. The sale was held in the middle school cafeteria & Ella had a blast helping us set up the tables. Of course, she found some treasures - like this Ariel book & a Vera Bradley purse that she just had to have. I should have known better than to take her with me, the whole point of the rummage sale was for me to get rid of stuff! 

Tons of awesome donations from our cheer families! 

And once we got home, Livy got to work terrorizing the joint. She is on the move & into everything these days! This weekend she mastered pulling herself up on the furniture. I need to buy her a helmet - ASAP! 

I spent all day Saturday at the rummage sale, then we grilled for dinner. I was so busy at the sale I forgot to take any pictures, but we raised almost $1500 towards our trip to Nationals! 

Ella started her Sunday off with a serious case of bedhead in her new Disney princess pajamas that I scored her for fifty cents. They're actually a size too big, but they stay on her & she loves them, so I just rolled with it. 

After breakfast, Ella & I headed out in the rain to Target. We went in for baby food, but came out with baby food, a new shirt for Livy, socks for me, an aux cord for my car, and hair dye. #whoops 

Then, it was naps & lunch for everyone! We finished up the night with a movie & snuggles on the living room floor. 

Well...  not Livy. She continued to crawl all over us & up the recliner every chance she got. 

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