Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap via My Social Media

The weekend kicked off with beautiful weather & I had to giggle when Miss Jennie snapped me this pic of Ella "sun tanning." Don't worry folks, that bathing beauty is sporting SPF 50! I was definitely jealous though as I sat inside at my desk grading papers! 

After school, I packing up the girls & sent them on the way with Grandpa Dave to spend the weekend in Eric's hometown. Eric's mom had asked us if she could keep them for the weekend, and since we had a yard sale planned plus friends in town from Pittsburgh, it was the perfect weekend for her to have them! 

Once they were on their way, I headed over to my sister's to put up our yard sale signs & drop off all of my items at her house. 

Eric & I had a grown up date night planned, so I curled my hair & got dressed to impress. 

We went to see The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling, but came across this sign in the lobby & I had to send a pic to Ella! I'm trying really hard to convince her to watch Finding Nemo with me so that we can watch Finding Dory in theaters. This is completely self-serving because I just love Finding Nemo, but she doesn't seem interested at all! 

The Nice Guys was pretty good. It was funnier than I thought it'd be & I was surprised at the chemistry between Russel Crowe & Ryan Gosling. My only complaint - Ryan Gosling didn't take his shirt off once. When I pay good money for a Ryan Gosling movie, I expect abs. 

We left the movies & headed to meet our friends from Pitt at a bar on the water. Two things - I haven't been to a bar on a Friday night past 7 pm in a LONG time & I had to pay a cover charge to get in. Seriously? Anyways... we had a great time & got to catch up with friends we don't get to see very often. 

We're going to both of these girls weddings in September! I've been friends with Kristi (center) since high school & cannot wait to see her as a bride! 

The next morning I was up & at my sister's house by 7 so we could get the yard sale set up. By 8:15, I'd made my first sale! 

I ended up making about $100, which was more than I expected, so I was happy! We stayed open until about 2:30, then loaded everything up that we were donating. I dropped that off to Salvation Army on my way home, then stopped at Sonic for my kind of Happy Hour :)

Not going to lie, I took a nap after that. But I rallied by 5 & took Charlie out for 4 miles. As we were coming around the corner back to our house, we ran into my best friend & her kids out on their walk, so we joined them for another mile or so. I didn't feel all that bad about the ice cream after that! 

Sunday morning started off with a 3 mile interval run with Charlie in gorgeous 60 degree weather! Then I came home & got ready to go shopping with my sister. Kind of the perfect Sunday... 

I made a few returns & bought some things for the girls that are SO cute! Plus we shared our favorite meal at Friendly's! 

I got home from the mall around 3 and it was sunny & gorgeous. I decided to sit out in our yard & read my magazines until it was time for dinner. Sitting that long in peace felt so foreign to me, but I really enjoyed it & was as refreshed as ever. 

And today... my babysitter has the stomach bug. So the girls are home, I called in to school, and we're going to enjoy being together again. I'll be sure to share those shenanigans tomorrow! Have a great Monday! 

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