Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Skin Care Solutions for the Babies in Your Life

I can still remember the phone call that I got from Miss Jennie one hot afternoon in May of 2013. She never interrupts my day with a phone call unless it's an emergency, so I began to panic as soon as I saw her name on my phone. She was calling because she had put sunscreen on Ella (the kind that I'd provided) and Ella was having a reaction to it! I obviously freaked out, called the main office to get someone to cover my room, and sprinted to my car to drive to Jennie's. Thankfully, just the bath in the sink that Jennie was giving her was all that it took to stop the reaction & calm her down, but it was a scary lesson in the importance of quality skin care products! 

Because of that incident, Eric & I are extremely picky about the products we put on Ella & Olivia. We never want a scare like that again, and recognize that it is worth a few extra dollars for sound peace of mind. While we've tried a lot of products along the way, we've recently switched over to Skinfix and we're loving it! I first found the award winning products at Target & fell in love. Then discovered they had other products at CVS & knew I needed them! The products are award winning & as you can probably tell by my enthusiasm, it's easy to see why! They're currently tackling our two biggest summer skin issues - bathtime & diaper rash.

Throughout most of the year, I only give the girls a bath every other day. Not only is bathtime a production at our house, their skin just tends to get really dry if I bathe them every day. In the summer though, we switch over to daily baths, mainly because they're wearing sunscreen & I don't want that left on their skin overnight. Skinfix Gentle Hair and Body Wash has been perfect for our daily baths because it doesn't dry out their skin & it's extremely gentle. I also love that it is a combination body wash & shampoo so I only need to worry about rounding up one product instead of two! 

Our second summer skin problem is diaper rash. Ugh, I hate diaper rash. It's a reality though & summer always makes it worse at our house. I'm not sure if it's the teething or the humidity, but the routine that has worked for us all year, just doesn't work as well in the summer. Thankfully, Skinfix Diaper Rash Cream has been the fix that we needed to solve the problem! This balm is super rich and helps replenish essential moisture to your baby's skin with emollient protective oils. I use it at every diaper change & really lay it on thick at night to keep Lady Liv happy as can be! 

Skinfix products are available only at select CVS and Target stores- both online and in-store. Find out if your local store carries these great products here!

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  1. I am going to have to try this..My little one has very sensitive skin...
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