Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stranded - Books Edition

Today I'm linking up with Shea & Erika to talk about the three books that I'd take with me if I was stranded on a desert island. Now, as a teacher, I love books. So getting it down to three was really hard for me. I also love to read series, so I'm cheating a little & including a trilogy in here as one book. #rebellious 

1 - Audition by Barbara Walters

I read this book 6 years ago & want to go back to read it again. There are so many things about the book that have stuck with me - lessons, funny stories, political insights. Barbara Walters has truly seen it all & I was awed by her memoir. Bonus points because it's pretty long & would keep me busy too :) 

2 - Five Presidents by Clint Hill 

I'm taking a risk with this one, because I haven't actually read the book, but from the second I saw it in People, I was totally intrigued. I currently have it on my summer reading list & cannot wait to start it. The book is written by a former Secret Service Agent who served for five different presidents & was the head of Jackie Kennedy's detail when JFK was in office. I think this could fill the void left by Scandal while I was stranded, so it made my list :) 

3 - The Hunger Games Trilogy

Ok, so this is the part that I'm cheating with. I would definitely bring my Hunger Games trilogy with me to lighten things up! I know it's teen lit, but I love the characters! I was totally team Peeta - ok, still am - and have already read these books more than once. #notashamed 

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