Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life Lately...

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the better around here, so be prepared to see a lot of stroller & sprinkler pictures! We have a great yard & I love to spend as much time out there as possible, so to say that I've been in my happy place over the past few days is a huge understatement!

So like I said on Monday, our babysitter was sick & I had to stay home with the kids. Once the sub plans were written, it was the best! The girls had been at their grandma's all weekend, so I was totally refreshed & ready to play all day with them! 

We started off with a walk & a trip to our favorite playground. Since Olivia was passed out, we got to run all over together & take "slide selfies".

I know that Ella is growing up, but nothing reinforces that quite like a trip to the playground. She's so independent there now! 

Thankfully, I have this girl that still needs me! She woke up from her nap & we swung in the shade for a bit. 

We tried to take a "swing selfie" together... 

We headed back home to get the sprinkler out for an hour before lunch & it made Ella so happy! Livy played in her pack'n'play in the shade while I sat in the sun watching them both. It was probably the best hour I've spent in a long time!

And... apparently I have a tree hugger in the house because she now hugs this tree every day. Eric asked me what the heck she was doing last night & I just shook my head... 

After lunch, I put Olivia down for her nap & let Ella play a little longer. She decided that she "wanted to relax" with me, which basically meant kicking me off my towel, stealing my shades & taking over. Such a diva. 

I stayed outside while the girls napped & then headed in as they woke up to get us ready for dance class that afternoon. We only have 1 class left until the recital & Ella is NOT prepared at all. I'm actually starting to feel a little releived that I won't be there to witness it in person. She beats to her own drum & I rarely see her following the routine at the end of class. I took a video to prepare my mom for it, but I think she thinks it was a fluke. It's not. 

On Tuesday I went back to school & the girls went back to Miss Jennie's. Ella was super excited to see her friends & wear her new purple dress! 

We came home that afternoon & immediately got the sprinkler back out! 

While Ella played in the water, Olivia played in the grass. She is so confused by the texture of grass! It cracks me up! She decided she's much happier in her chair than on the ground...

And we finished off Tuesday night with a nice stroll around the neighborhood with our little fishy! 

I got out of school a few minutes early on Wednesday afternoon, so we headed to check out the new ice cream spot that just opened up! Livy kept attacking my cone & Ella sent sprinkles flying everywhere at one point, but it was pretty much a perfect afternoon other than that! 

Following ice cream, we headed to pick up Ella's new glasses! They're still purple, but these new ones have a little turquoise in them too that she really likes :) 

We were supposed to have open gym for cheer last night, but we cancelled it because so many people texted us ahead letting us know that we couldn't make it. I am so glad that we did too, because we got to go hang out with our favorite family! My bestie had turned her hot tub down so that the kids could swim & they had a blast! We're super excited because they get their actual pool installed next week & it's going to be an awesome summer hanging out with them! I have big plans for a case of freeze pops & a whole lot of sunscreen! 

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