Friday, May 20, 2016

Life Lately & Friday Favorites...

So today, we're blending the post that was supposed to publish yesterday but didn't, with the one I had planned for today. #improvise #staywithmepeople 

The weather has finally started to warm up this week & my sweet little Ella has been busy outside all week long, picking every flower in sight. She just runs all over our lawn & collects bouquets for me :) Her dad is loving it because there are never any dandelions in the lawn, but Ella did get quite upset when he went to mow the grass the other night! These little bouquets are my favorite this week! 

You may have noticed in the picture above that Ella has tape around her glasses. After 9 months accident free, her glasses got broken! Thankfully we bought the kind with a 1 year warranty & a new pair will be here soon. In the meantime.. she'll be the girl with tape on her glasses. 
Seriously, it's just too funny not to laugh about it! 

My favorite little nugget is just getting too big, too fast! Bathtime is her favorite & I just love watching her splash in the tub with her sister. They're both obsessed with this swimming Ariel doll that Aunt Britt got Ella for Christmas. If you have a toddler in your life, I highly recommend it as a gift!

Another great thing about the weather finally getting warmer, is that I've finally been able to bust out a few spring outfits! Most of my pieces are older, but it was still exciting to pull them out again, especially since I couldn't wear any of them this time last year! 

top - LOFT // shorts - J.Crew // sandals - Birkenstock via Nordstrom
pants - Banana Republic // tank - Banana Republic // sandals - American Eagle
Ella has been totally procrastinating in the mornings lately & coming up with a zillion and one reasons why she shouldn't get dressed. On Wednesday, it was that Minnie & Tink wanted to take a picture with her in her pajamas. It was too cute of a request to deny, but once it was over I was like "OK, pictures done, get dressed! We need to get to school!" 

And while I fight the good fight with Ella, this one just crawls around chewing on everything in sight! We discovered two more top teeth coming through this week! 

Last night we took a stroll to our favorite playground - the one by my sister's house - only to find that half of it is under construction! Ella totally made the most of it though & still played her little heart out while my sister & I chatted with Livy. 

The rest of last night was spent hauling things up from the basement, cleaning out closets, and sorting through bins. I am SO over clutter & since the girls are going to see Eric's mom this weekend, my sister & I are hosting a yard sale! We have a ton of great items, so if you live in the Rochester area, send me an e-mail & I'll give you the information! The weather is supposed to be sunny & 70, so I'm looking forward to a day outside and making a few bucks :) 

Have a Great Weekend! 

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