Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's Hard, But It's All Worth It

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Last night, I was sitting at Ella's dance class chatting with a group of moms that I've gotten to know throughout the course of this school year. I would call us friends, because I don't even know their last names, but we chat each week to pass the time. Yesterday, one of the mom's came in frazzled. She'd had a long day at work, had no clue what she was going to make for dinner, her husband was on a business trip, and I think she just really wanted to cry. But instead of crying, she started talking. She talked about how much she wants to give up her career & stay home with the kids. She feels like she's running on empty every day. She sees other mothers who look like they've got things so pulled together & she hasn't showered in three days. I felt for her, because I feel the same way too some days. 

Let's just put it out there. Motherhood is hard - and that's what I was thinking about as I drove home from dance class. It's hard to put yourself second to others. It's hard to be poor as dirt because you're paying more for daycare than your mortgage. It's hard to pass up girls night or a trip to the beach with longtime friends because you don't have anyone to watch the kids. But as I was thinking this & having a mini-pity party for all the moms out there, Ella started singing Let It Go & asked me to sing with her. She broke through my negativity in an instant & I thought to myself, this is worth it. 

When we got home, we had breakfast for dinner & listened to Ella tell us about dance class. Livy pulled herself up to her feet holding onto the gate & gave me the toothiest grin ever. I swear she was beaming with pride. The girls played with Ariel in the tub together. I tucked them in & gave them kisses. And this morning, I got up & went into get Livy and found this... 

Ella said that Livy sounded sad, so she came to play with her & make her happy. My heart melted & I thought, I must be doing something right. So yes, motherhood is hard, but it's certainly all worth it. 

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