Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's Talk Summer Plans...

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Since this weekend is the official kick off to summer, I thought I'd link up with Erika to talk about our summer plans...

The first big thing we have planned for the summer is a trip to visit my parents in Virginia! Ella, Olivia & I are driving down with my Grandma Gigi & Aunt Babs to spend a week there. We leave the Saturday after school gets out & I cannot wait! I have big plans to shop with my mom and lay by the pool at their country club. Bonus is that it'll be five adults to two kids & that's a ratio I like!

- my parents' new house in Virginia - 

In mid-July, I'll be traveling to Baltimore for the Northeast Reagional Cheerleading Conference. All four of  our coaches are going on a road trip - all expenses paid - and we are all super excited! I've never attended an overnight conference for cheer & I think it'll be really interesting. Some of the best all-star gyms in the country will be there too & I can't wait to see what is presented! 

Side note - both of these trips will involve me eating Chic-fil-a as well, which makes me happy just typing it. 

Once I'm back from the conference, we have two birthdays to celebrate! Olivia will be turning one & Ella is turning four. We're going to celebrate with a Disney Princess Party that Ella has been planning since the day we took down our Christmas tree!

I'll be focusing all my time & energy on prepping for our trip to Disney! There are no words for how excited I am about this trip. I am beyond grateful to my parents for taking us all and have planned like a madwoman for it. That said, once we actually get there, I am going to go with the flow & make the most of every minute. If we miss a Fastpass & go to the pool instead, I'm fine with that. I know that it's going to magical either way. I have so many amazing memories at Disney & cannot wait to make more!

On top of those three trips, I am able to look forward to a ton of time at home with my girls. I have a whole summer bucket list planned with Ella that I'll be sharing soon. It's going to be a great summer! 

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